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  1. These small pieces of krap and their moronic operators have all but destroyed my lifelong hobby of radio controlled glider flying. Because of these a--holes, the FAA has just about mandated a flying height of 300 ft. I have what is called a Hi-Start to get my glider up to flying space. It sends any one of my 12ft+ wingspan gliders up to 500ft to catch the good winds. Not any more... This is by all means not new. I've been flying these things since I was in the 8th grade or so, 1959 or 60. I have had them, on a good day, out of sight, or about 1500 - 1800 feet. Never hurt a soul or another aircraft, nor my own aircraft for that matter. The powers that be need to find these 'operators' that fly these pieces of junk in a known aircraft flight pattern and crucify them. They have all but destroyed many peoples enjoyment and businesses.
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    whoops... Battle
  3. It could very well be hardware. The machine s probably over 4 years old. Will let you know. I will try it over the weekend.
  4. Erase the resolved. The USB ports are acting strange. 3 of the ports are connected to printers. One is a standard old HP black & white laser, haven't checked that one yet. One is a 3D printer and the other is a small laser carving printer. Both of them, the software loads, and displays as it should, but I have no control - no movement, no heater controls, etc. Again, both worked before this virus. Com port 4 is nowhere to be found, only 1 port shows in Device Manager. Would reinstalling Windows and preserving my files clear this up, or do you have another possible solution? I am on the verge of trying to save the good stuff and wiping everything else. More help is needed....
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    Famous People A to Z

    Billy Idol
  6. Problem seems to be fixed!! 2TB box is a USB 3.0 drive expansion box with 2 X 1TB drives. One is a working drive ie: movies ready to burn to CD, music, etc. The other has ~200GB of backups, both from the Mac and the Win machine.
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    I differ... I don't believe that there is much difference between a layoff and a furlough. Both stem from a 'boss' that is upset about something - money, personnel, laws, etc., and closes the place down. Those that worked, whether they chose to, were asked to or were forced to, need to be paid, and should get some extra for going without. Those that didn't work for whatever reason don't deserve to be paid - no work - no money! I have been laid off numerous times, especially one company, who always called us back when the 'boss' was pacified. A few of us went to work because we were asked by the engineers to get a certain product completed for NATO. I worked for 6 weeks without pay and never received any type of compensation - that essentially forced me to walk out and 'retire' for the third time. Nope, I beg to differ and see it as no work - no pay...
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    I suppose when the Government starts back up, all these people will get back pay for not working??? For those of us who have been 'laid off' in the past, and went back to work for the same employer, did you ever receive any type of compensation for the time you didn't work? If on the other hand they worked without pay, by all means they need to get back pay, maybe even a little extra incentive added.
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    Famous People A to Z

    Amelia Earhart
  11. No Desktop Log folder. It created a log folder in it's own folder. There are also 2 chkdsk files in the folder. Which files do you want? The version I have is V4.4.0.1. The GUI is different from your instructions. Also, assuming the USB problem is fixed, should I run the program again when I turn on the 2 TB expansion box and introduce untested files back into the system?
  12. Machine just came up with new blue screen '..you have a problem, we are resetting the machine...' and rebooted by itself???
  13. Just finished a lengthy rootkit virus removal with Broni. Now, some of my USB ports don't work. Keyboard & mouse, both wireless, are plugged into the top of the machine, same USB bank as front of machine, they all work. USB hub and 3.0 that drives an external 2 TB box don't work and are plugged in to a different bank of ports on the back of the machine. Can't charge phone on any of the hub ports and the external drive box just blinks red, both plugged into the back. The machine sees them sporadically, they come in for a few seconds and quit, then repeat. Needless to say, all was well before this $%^&# rootkit got me. I have turned the machine off and unplugged it, no help. I uninstalled 3 troublesome ports in device manager and restarted, they come back for a second or 3 and quit. How can I try to reload the drivers or whatever got screwed? Any help greatly appreciated... Ski
  14. A sincere 'THANK YOU!!!'