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  1. Ski52


    I'll leave this one alone.
  2. Ski52

    Church Ladies with Typewriters

    You don't know how many of these I have actually seen in the Sunday bulletin of yore...
  3. It's a man-made machine... It's GOING to fail! Then whose fault will it be, the manufacturer or the little rich kid that said ...'watch this.'
  4. Fran, that's the reason I have the guns. Should that happen, and I be aware of it, the thief, here in 'The Sunshine State' will become an instant statistic. The pistol in my nightstand is the oldest one I own, it is an antique, conversation piece, but it shoots well. I have a 15 shot Ruger that is within arm's reach of the front door, and another 15 shot 9mm within Arm's reach of the back door/kitchen. My 2 boys are fully grown and I have no grandchildren. My oldest is a retired Navy SEAL and says I don't have enough weapons. Visiting children that are under about 5 ft tall can't reach either weapon. With home, car break ins' and just plain stupid violence on the noticeable rise , my age, medical condition and the fact I am now single, unfortunately I feel the need for more protection now than ever before. My wife was in the service when we met. Thank the powers that be she only had to shoot a weapon once. I took her to the shooting range once - and only once. Very scary...
  5. They are not as expensive to make as one would think. I have a 3D printer. Mine is 5 years old. It originally cost 500.00. Over the years, I have upgraded everything probably to a cost of ~1K.. You can now buy 3D printers for 159.00 and up. The filament used for most printing is either ABS, a form of polystyrene plastic, common plastic or PLA, some real long word that means another form of plastic. I won't go into the idiosyncrasies of either as I don't have that much time. A spool of either, 1 KG is how it is usually sold, is ~15 - 18.00 and again up. A 1KG spool is about 425 feet long, long enough to print more than one of the 'Liberator' single shot pistols for example. IMHO There are better things that could be done rather than figure out how to outlaw, only in the US BTW, someone's design for a plastic gun. They are going to be made by 'the bad guys' and brought - undetectable - into the US. I don't see all the hubbub about going after a single shot pistol that has to be torn apart after 1 or 2 shots and a lot of the parts replaced. I have a copy of the files needed to print the Liberator pistol. I D/L them legally. I am going to print one just to see what is involved, probably 12 - 14 or more hours of print time for openers. I will not fire one, I value my hand and fingers too much, besides I have other real pistols that protect me and mine. More food for thought, just recently I read about new 'filaments', copper, stainless steel etc., that after printing can be manipulated into near steel & copper - then It might be time to worry. Guns don't kill people - I've had one in my nightstand for a little over 24 years, and it aint hurt a soul...
  6. Ski52

    Negear C 6300

    That's a shame. I always thought Netgear was an OK company... Used a lot of their products over the years, but never had a 'face to face' issue. Water over the dam I hope.
  7. Ski52

    Negear C 6300

    found a bunch of listings for Netgear firmware upgrade on Google. Here's one- https://kb.netgear.com/23960/How-do-I-manually-upgrade-firmware-to-my-NETGEAR-router I got to the D/L point and stopped as I am not using my Netgear Router at the moment.
  8. ‼️GotGdfdfpdfdegfklG Got this email today and thought all ya all would like to read it too. I know it's gonna open a can of worms, but there are two sides to every argument. (and I didn't write this one). This one makes some strong points, to me anyway. I don't know if its' true or not. The language is a little 'bright' at times, so those of you that are offended by such may not want to read it... Gladys Kriegler January 29 LIKE IT OR NOT. THIS MAN PUT HIS NAME AND PICTURE TO WHAT HE HAD TO SAY. ONE HELL OF A LETTER! Read This And Get Educated (He leaves no doubt how he feels...rather refreshing really) by George Roof, Chief Master Sergeant, USAF (Retired) Interesting Google Search on His Name http://www.truthorfiction. com/George-roof-presidents- ive-known/ Because I am a “lifer” in the military, I’ve seen the impact of a president more than many of you can imagine. I enlisted with LBJ and saw just what a Democrat clusterflock was all about. I went to Vietnam and saw how we were constantly and incessantly bombarded with micromanagement from Washington that got thousands of military people killed. I sometimes wonder if I’ll get to heaven, but if I go to hell, I’m sure I’ll still be a few hundred floors above that bastard Robert McNamara , LB Johnson, John Kerry, Jane Fonda, and yes, even the “hero” John McCain. After Johnson “abdicated” rather than having his a** waxed, I lived through Nixon who was hawkish but allowed the generals (and there WERE a few real generals back then versus now) run the show. Nixon was so out of touch that he never knew North Vietnam was about to surrender when the Paris Accord was presented. Only God could help us after Gerald Ford was beaten by Jimmy 'Peanuts' Carter who’d been funded by Saudi money. The military was turned into Section 8 and even the Whitehouse suffered the austerity. Then the light began to shine and Ronald Reagan swept into the fray. He not only loved the country and the military, they loved him back. Esprit d’corps was off the scale during his presidency. The Liberals were slowly turning into socialists, however, and about this time all the draft dodgers of the 1960’s who’d been given amnesty by Jimmy 'Peanuts' were turning out college graduates with degrees in socialism. Bush 1 was an enigma from the CIA and though he never did much either way, he NEVER DID MUCH EITHER WAY. Welcome to Bill Clinton Clinton spent most of his two terms wagging the dog and creating the 'Oral' Office, sending a bomber to blow up Quaddafi’s tent and killing a goat or two, while allowing the UN to set up the infamous Black Hawk Down situation. He made history by becoming only the second president to be impeached. I actually felt sorry for Bush 2. He was doomed to infamy from the start. He thought most of America was still the rah rah patriots of WWII when they were 'simply socialists' waiting to feed him to the sharks. Then there came the Manchurian Candidate Obama with a faked (OK Democrats, let’s say “of questionable origin” to assuage your PC brains) birth certificate, who’d gotten a free ride through college under a foreign student exemption, and whose college records and complete life history had been 'sealed.' (We know more about Thomas Jefferson’s bastard children than we do about Obama, Michelle , OR their two faked kids.) From his inaugural address, he slandered America and within days had begun to encourage dissention of the races as well as slandering police who “acted stupidly.” That was mild to the crap that would come in doubling the national debt from what had been built by ALL THE PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED, feeding us bullsh** about how Muslims built this country, and nationalizing American industries. Fueled by George Soros’ money and using the Air Force fleet as his personal charters, he appointed malcontents and traitors into positions of authority. He trashed the Constitution by installing “czars” (interesting he chose a title like that) to bypass Congressional authority. By that time, Congress was completely corrupt on both sides of the aisle. No one had balls to impeach this charlatan Obama. Mysteriously, the lone outspoken conservative Supreme Court Justice Scalia suddenly dies in his sleep at an Obama pal’s hunting lodge and the Supreme Court is evenly split. Finally, Congress shows some balls and rejects Obama’s Supreme Court Justice nomination. The Libertards aren’t worried because the fix is in. Soros 'has paid' demonstrators to cause turmoil at 'all the Republican gatherings.' Obama concedes that illegal aliens should vote as they won’t be prosecuted, and Soros-manufactured voting machines are caught switching votes in certain precincts Hillary has cheated her way to the nomination and her lies are completely ignored by the brainwashed minions of sycophants who follow her. But a shocking thing happened on the way to the forum. Middle America had had enough and although the pollsters and the pipers tried to convince middle America not even to bother to vote, they were fed up with the denizens of the swamp. It was time. Florida was designated a “swing” state ignoring that all those old retirees living in St. Petersburg, and the fed up Cuban Americans of Miami weren’t interested in their platform. Ohio and Pennsylvania , where coal production was blacklisted and where Obama had ridiculed them for “clinging to their Bibles and their guns,” lay awaiting this supposed “landslide” Hillary vote,.... and creamed it. The Socialist world of the Democratic Party disintegrated. An American who expressed unbridled love of country and respect for police, firemen, and military steamrolled across the heartland and the liberals realized their scheme was trashed. A CONSTITUTIONALIST would be nominated to the Supreme Court and if the old hag Ginsburg who’d claimed to retire if Trump were elected would actually retire and leave, the Supreme Court would have a massive majority of CONSTITUTIONALISTS for the next 40-50 years. Now, the same party who’d ridiculed Trump on his comments about the election being rigged, started screaming that the election 'was' rigged. They even advocated having the election repeated. They created mobs that burned and pillaged, stopped traffic, threatened murder, battery and rape of Trump supporters, and became the anarchists that the socialist dream thrives upon. They run like castrated pigs for safe zones and use diaper pins as their national symbol. This is exactly what happens when political correctness takes over and participation trophies are awarded to everyone. They can’t conceive how disgusting and subservient they have become. Donald Trump may NOT be the best person for the job, but he’s such a welcome respite from the candy-assed whimps who’ve been running the swamp that it’s refreshing to see. At the very least, Donald Trump derailed the Socialist train and bought us precious time. If he only does half of what he’s promised, we’ll still be legions ahead of where Obama has dragged us. Already countries who held us in contempt are lining up to be found in the favor of America. Donald Trump has done more in his short time in the public eye..he prevented Hillary Clinton from becoming president! So for you liberal lurkers and you half-assed fence-sitters, Tough sh**! You had your big hurrah and now your party is over. For you staunch Republicans in office, don’t gloat so much yourselves. You’ve been put on notice by the American people that we’re fed up with ALL YOU BASTARDS and if you don’t start putting America first, you do so at your own peril. You might want to buy a copy of George McGovern’s autobiography and see how shocking and humbling it can be for a professional politician to have to try to find legitimate work once he falls from grace. This election was pure, unadulterated AMERICAN. Hillary got beaten and AMERICA WON THE ELECTION. You can claim he’s not “your president” all you want, but unless you 'forfeit' your American citizenship, ..... YES, HE IS YOUR PRESIDENT!!!! Go cry a river some place they need water. SEND THIS EMAIL TO OTHER AMERICANS YOU KNOW... 'In God We Trust' Will be on every e-mail I send out from now on because, I don't want to lose our right to say it!. And I repeat “God Bless America”
  9. Ski52

    Farewell, Nanuq

    I'm so sorry! 13 years is a long time. A lot of people just don't realize the value of a dog and the relationship that can build, even over a short period of time. They become 'part of the family', and that is so true. Again - I'm sorry... Ski
  10. Ski52

    Motocycle in a Box

    Rok - We're not on the same page here - I want to build a trike, using the Honda 750, which as I read more about is considered underpowered for a trike. What I want, in a nutshell - been told to really consider the shaft drive of the 750, fenders, small trunk-like box on the back for beer, tools, etc, springer type front end, and probably most important to me, I want to sit more 'in it' as opposed to 'on it' - laid back kinda. I mentioned I have an option on a 750, I need to start researching a frame. If you were gonna build a trike, how would you go about it?
  11. Ski52

    Motocycle in a Box

    Roky - I forgot this corner of the board was here! I'm lookin' for some expert advice, pretty sure this is where I need to go. Before my wife of 48 years passed last Sept, she said she would consider another bike, as long as there were 2 wheels under her a$$. My sense of balance went right out the window with my second stroke, as long as I'm moving, I'm OK, but if I stop I'm liable to fall over... So we started looking. Got a rather large Harley dealer here in town - Space Coast Harley. Naturally went there first. Their trikes started at 30K!! A little much for a 67 & 70 year old looking to putt around in the sun. Now I'm by myself and considering.... My youngest son (43 & single) has 7 bikes at the moment, including a Buell, a Ducatti, a GSXR 1000, a Ninja... and some others. My next door neighbor is single and owns Xtreme Motorcycle Service & Repair. No web site but a small facebook page. He has 5 or 6 Harleys in his garage as we speak. He also has a fresh build CB750-4 in a frame, no forks, etc. Told him to make me a deal on just the engine. I've looked a little for a frame and rear end (kit) not much luck. I obviously don't want training wheels or a biatch seat, just a box for the beer and stuff. Pretty paint I can take care of, got a stick welder at my kids I can use, but aint too proud of the end result - need practice. I could go on, but it's just rambling - any advice is greatly appreciated. This entire project in in my head and on paper nothing committed - yet! Thanx Ski
  12. Ski52

    Win 10 scanning with new ADW cleaner

    Google the entire HKEY_ entry. Lots of info and removal instructions.
  13. RIP - Jram You will be missed...
  14. I started to answer this on Friday the 16th, but I'd just had the Mac repaired for a blown power supply, and while typing the glass and screen fell out onto my desk. So this reply is somewhat belated. Wrong - ground zero is the home, the parents. I had guns when I was 5, got one for Christmas. Never could use any of them living in a city, but I knew the potential. There were many trucks in high school with gun racks with guns in them in El Paso, Texas. I have numerous guns now, I like them, I will not give them up. I plan on getting more, my concealed permit is in the works. Unfortunately in today's times people like myself and probably a lot of us on this board need some form of protection. I have a nice truck, nice car, usually have a couple of bucks in my pocket, but I have grey hair and due to 2 strokes walk with a pronounced limp - a prime target for a robbery or lord knows what. I have no problem emptying my gun in someone's face who is trying to rob or hurt me. I agree with Fran of a lot of her points. There is no use for an automatic weapon for lay persons, I'd love to have a real AK47 hanging on my wall. As you said people that get by saying I use it for hunting are full of krap. I hunted in Texas & New Mexico for mulie deer and many years in New England for white tail deer, plus many other types of game, I carried a pistol to bring it to an end if I had to. I no longer choose to shoot helpless animals, but still maintain my guns. The term 'automatic' weapons relates to automatic guns that were produced before 1986, not patented before 86, but actually produced before 86, so if you find one to buy it is going to be at least 32 years old. People that can actually purchase one are looking at thousands of $, and they are few and far between, plus the licensing it outlandish. Someone that owns one is not going to sell it to a 'bad guy' when he can get just as much or more in a legal sale. I don't know what they consider 'assualt weapons' to be, they are all semi-automatic - pull the trigger one shot. I have shot a Remington 700? series rifle that will shoot just as fast, with more accuracy and punch power that any AR15 or M16, but I'd never be questioned cuz it looks like a hunting rifle, not an AR15. I could go on and on. Ban auto weapons - yes. Do a more extensive background check - yes - do it all... the bad guys are still gonna have the guns....
  15. Ski52

    Dell with Windows Vista

    There should be a way to get to an MS DoS prompt with the install disk. If so, you can run the old fdisk then format. That will obliterate everything on your HD, - factory clean. Then you can run the install disk. All the old methods of cleaning and installing Windows are gone completely from my mind, comes with age I guess. Create a bootable CD/DVD with the old MS DoS commands, should be able to find them on line - save what you want/need off the drive and blotto the disk and start over. Used to be so easy... Just looked at your screen shot - you have 168GB free - SP2 must be pretty large....