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  1. Don't install the update. http://www.businessinsider.com/intel-working-on-a-new-fix-for-the-spectre-meltdown-attacks-2018-1
  2. mopar


  3. mopar

    Car keys in your freezer

    # 2 WRONG, all the key fob does is send a RF to the SBEC, so it doesn't much matter where it is, you can flush it down the toilet if you want. Removing certain things eg. the radio on high end cars completely shuts down most of the electronics. Their is no 100% way of securing your car. This is why if you unlock your doors and don't touch them they automatically relock. It's not hard to make up a cheap unlocker. It just searches all the RF's until it finds the right one.
  4. mopar

    OO Java

    Or if that is no help try here - http://www.bing.com/search?q=java+compiler+download&qs=AS&sk=AS2&pq=java+compiler&sc=4-13&sp=3&FORM=QBLH&cvid=8f66ceca647a41c688591f95b96632b0 I didn't read any of them, but might help.
  5. mopar

    MS Works on Windows 7?

    O.K. Thanks for the help.
  6. mopar

    MS Works on Windows 7?

    Ask me now how stupid I feel. I never thought to put the version in my post, as well I didn't think to check out Microsoft, I usually do. Sorry Thanks everyone for your help.
  7. mopar

    MS Works on Windows 7?

    I need some help. I have upgraded my Vista machine to Windows 7. Will MS Works work on Windows 7 or should I look for something else. I know that Works has been discontinued but it works for what I need. Thanks
  8. mopar

    Macrium Reflect Free

    Or.. This will copy just the active Window. Alt\PrtScr, goto WordPad and Paste and then you can resize if necessary. Then Copy and Paste to what ever you want.
  9. mopar

    Macrium Reflect Free

    On the retail version I did this, not sure about this feature being available on the free version. At the top left corner of the main screen below File there is an icon with an orange what looks like a gear. Click it and in the list that appearers is Automatically Verify Image. Click it and in the next window put a check mark in the box on the right.
  10. mopar

    SUPERAntiSpyware Pro

    Thanks GB2064
  11. mopar

    SUPERAntiSpyware Pro

    Is any one else having problems with the latest update for SUPERAntiSpyware Pro? It all started with sas_enum_cookies. I get the error, This Program Has Stopped Working. Also maybe connected to this problem, I can't check the Quick Scan if I do and exit the program and come back it is set to do a Complete Scan. Thanks.
  12. mopar

    XP no sound on some u tube videos

    Not much help, but... I have the same problem with Vista and IE9. I can go a long time with no problems and suddenly some videos play and others won't.
  13. Always someone trying to spoil it for others. These are good boards, thanks for keeping it that way.
  14. mopar

    Anti Virus Software

    One thing to remember about MalwareBytes that it doesn't run real time unless you pay for it. I bought it and it frequently tells me it has stopped a potential threat, this way the problem doesn't evan get on your computer, so it seems to be working O.K. It's not expensive, I think under $40.00 CAD. As far as MSE goes I use it as well and is doing a good job. I'm also using SuperAntispyware. With all 3 of these running along with Vistas Firewall I have had no problems. BUT!! It's not recommended to use XP's firewall.