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  1. PeggyB


    Birthday: November 19, 1938 Nationality: American Famous: American Men Brown University Sun Sign: Scorpio Age: 80 Years, 80 Year Old Males Also Known As: Robert Edward Born in: Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. Spouse/Ex-: Jane Fonda (m. 1991–2001), Jane Shirley Smith (m. 1965–1988), Julia Gale Nye (m. 1960–1964) father: Robert Edward Turner II mother: Florence turner children: Jennie Turner, Rhett Turner religion: Christian Diseases & Disabilities: Bipolar Disorder Net worth: $2.3 billion as of June 25, 2017 education: Brown University, The McCallie School awards: - Peabody Award - Golden CableACE - PGA Lifetime Achievement Award in Television Robert Edward “Ted” Turner III is a media tycoon and the founder of the first ever 24-hour cable news network, CNN. He also has the credit of founding the independent television station WTBS which originated the concept of superstation in cable television. The successful businessman had made an early entry into the world of business. The son of a father who owned an advertising company, he started helping in his father’s business from a young age. Although his father was a successful businessman who provided well for his family, he suffered from bipolar disorder and was known to have extreme mood swings. In spite of being financially secure, young Ted had a difficult life. His father was physically abusive and ended up committing suicide when Ted was 24. After his father’s death he took over the business and drowned himself in work to cope with his grief. His efforts paid off and soon the business started earning huge profits. He went on to acquire several other businesses and started the Turner Broadcasting System. He soon founded CNN, the first all-news television channel in the United States. The business mogul is also well-known for his philanthropic activities and contributed $ 1 billion to the United Nations which was used to create the United Nations Foundation. He was married to Judy Nye from 1960 to 1964. His second marriage was to Jane Shirley Smith whom he wed in 1965 and divorced in 1988. He married actress Jane Fonda in 1991. This marriage ended in 2001. He has five children. Trivia This business magnate is also an accomplished sailor and an inductee of National Sailing Hall of Fame.
  2. PeggyB


    1703 A masked man held prisoner in the Bastille in Paris died. His true identity was the cause of much intrigue, and his story became the basis of literary works by François Voltaire and Alexandre Dumas. 1794 John Jay and Lord Grenville signed Jay's Treaty. 1863 Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address at the dedication of the national cemetery on the Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg, Pa. 1977 Egyptian president Anwar Sadat became the first Arab leader to visit Israel. 1985 Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev met for the first time in Geneva. ********************************************************************************DAILY EXTRA**************************************************** 1990.....................Milli Vanilli's Grammy award was rescinded after it was discovered they didn't do their own singing. The Grammy Awards, presented annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), are considered the most coveted of the many contemporary music awards. Despite the honor the awards carry and the ratings success of the televised awards show, many industry insiders consider the Grammys to be merely a reflection of mainstream commercial success.
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    Happy Birthday PeggyB

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    Birthday: November 18, 1939 Nationality: Canadian Famous: Quotes By Margaret Atwood Feminists Sun Sign: Scorpio Age: 79 Years, 79 Year Old Females Also Known As: Margaret Eleanor Atwood Born in: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Famous as: Writer, Environmental Activist Spouse/Ex-: Graeme Gibson, Jim Polk father: Carl Edmund Atwood mother: Margaret Dorothy (née Killam) children: Eleanor Jess Atwood Gibson Net worth: $20 Million as of February 8, 2017 education: Leaside High School, Victoria College in the University of Toronto, Harvard's Radcliffe College, Harvard University awards: 1986 - Los Angeles Times Fiction Award 1987 - Arthur C. Clarke Award for Best Science Fiction 1989 - Canadian Booksellers Association Author of the Year 1991 - Trillium Book Award 1993 - Trillium Book Award 1995 - Trillium Book Award 2000 - Booker Prize 2008 - Prince of Asturias award for Literature 2012 - Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Margaret Atwood is a Canadian writer, best known for her novels, short stories and poems. She decided to pursue writing as a career in the early years of her life. She is a feminist by nature and her fiction revolves around a woman character in most of her novels. Her writing has an impact on the reader’s mind and one is forced to think about the connection between reality and fiction after reading her stories and poems. Her fictional work consists of historical as well as scientific backdrops with a strong and independent woman as its central character. Her stories have realistic yet imaginative textures which converge thoughtfully with open endings that tend to make a greater impact on the society. Many of her stories have been adapted into stage plays and movies in addition to the translation of her works to almost 30 languages. She is considered as a literary genius with the ability to connect her fictional character with the deepest emotions of the reader and society. She is an international award winning prolific author and also a well known humanist. She is also the inventor of LongPen technology, which enables remote writing. Her wide range of work reflects her unique personality, which also makes her a leading public figure and cultural commentator. Her literary work is a precious gift to the society which undoubtedly makes her immortal. In 1968, she married Jim Polk but the marriage lasted for only five years. They got divorced in 1973. Afterwards, she got involved in a relationship with a fellow novelist, Graeme Gibson and their daughter, Eleanor Jess Atwood Gibson, was born in 1976. She currently lives with Graeme Gibson and their daughter in Canada. At present, there is a Margaret Atwood Society, a Margaret Atwood Newsletter, and an ever-increasing number of scholars studying and teaching her work around the globe. Trivia She strongly raises her voice about environmental issues and is the joint honorary presidents of the Rare Bird Club within BirdLife International.
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    1820 Captain Nathaniel Palmer discovered Antarctica. 1883 Standard time began in the United States. 1886 Chester A. Arthur, the 21st president of the United States (1881–1885), died in New York at 56. 1928 Mickey Mouse made his debut in Steamboat Willie. 1976 Spain's parliament approved a bill to establish a democracy after 37 years of dictatorship. 1978 Jim Jones, a U.S. pastor, led 914 of his followers to their deaths at Jonestown, Guyana, by drinking a cyanide-laced fruit drink. Cult members who refused to swallow the drink were shot. 2003 The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that the right to same sex marriage was guaranteed by the state constitution. ******************************************************************************DAILY EXTRA****************************************************** 2004.............The UN Security Council held a two-day session in Nairobi. This was the first time it had convened outside of New York headquarters. The Security Council was constructed as an organ with primary responsibility for preserving peace. Unlike the General Assembly, it was given power to enforce measures and was organized as a compact executive organ. Also unlike the assembly, the Security Council in theory functions continuously at the seat of the United Nations. The council has 15 members. Five—China, France, Great Britain, the United States, and Russia (until 1991 the USSR)—are permanent. The 10 nonpermanent members are elected for two-year terms by the General Assembly; equitable geographic distribution is required. Customarily there are five nonpermanent members from African and Asian states, one from Eastern Europe, two from Latin America, and two from Western Europe and elsewhere. In the council the presidency is occupied for one-month terms in the alphabetical order of the members' names in English. There are two systems of voting in the Security Council. On procedural matters the affirmative vote of any nine members is necessary, but on substantive matters the nine affirmative votes required must include those of the five permanent members. This requirement of Big Five unanimity embodies the so-called veto. The veto has prevented much substantive action by the UN, but it embodies the reality that resolution of major crises requires agreement of the major powers. Under the Charter the council may take measures on any danger to world peace. It may act upon complaint of a member or of a nonmember, on notification by the secretary general or by the General Assembly, or of its own volition. In general the council considers matters of two sorts. "Disputes" (or situations that may give rise to them) that might endanger peace. Here the council is limited to making recommendations to the parties after it has exhausted other methods of reaching a solution. In the case of more serious matters, such as "threats to the peace," "breaches of the peace," and "acts of aggression," the council may take enforcement measures. These may range from full or partial rupture of economic or diplomatic relations to military operations of any scope deemed necessary. By the terms of the Charter, the United Nations was forbidden to intervene in matters "which are essentially . . . domestic," but this limitation was not intended to hinder Security Council measures to prevent threats to peace. The UN Charter was intentionally ambiguous regarding domestic issues that could also be construed as threats to peace, and left a potential opening for intervention in domestic issues that threatened dangerous international repercussions.
  6. PeggyB


    Birthday: November 17, 1944 Nationality: American Famous: Actors Directors Sun Sign: Scorpio Age: 74 Years, 74 Year Old Males Also Known As: Daniel Michael DeVito Jr. Born in: Neptune Township Spouse/Ex-: Rhea Perlman father: Daniel Michael DeVito, Sr mother: Julia Devito siblings: Angela DeVito children: Daniel J. DeVito, Grace Fan DeVito, Lucy DeVito religion: Roman Catholic City, States, Provinces & Districts: New Jersey Net worth: $80 million as of Dec 19, 2016 education: Oratory Prep School, Summit, NJ, Academy of Dramatic Arts, Wilifred Academy of Hair and Beauty, Daniel Michael ‘Danny’ DeVito, Jr., popularly known as Danny DeVito, is an American actor, comedian, director and producer. Bullied for his small stature at school and by neighboring kids, DeVito took a lot of lumps while he was growing up but he proved his mettle with his innate talent and passion for acting. He started out by doing off-Broadway musicals and later on landed his first major role in NBC series ‘Taxi’. The portrayal of a tyrannical yet endearing taxi dispatcher, for the fictional Sunshine Cab Company, made him a sweetheart on American television and soon it landed him roles in Hollywood movies. He has always been admired for his comic timing and charming humor but he did not restrict himself to only that and experimented with serious cinema as well. DeVito not only graced Hollywood with his acting and comedy but also directed movies, starring major actors like Michael Douglas, Jack Nicholson, Robin Williams, etc. The genre close to his heart is black comedy and almost all of his directorial ventures belong to this genre. DeVito is also a producer and has produced famous projects like, ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Erin Brockovich’, ‘Reno 911!’, etc. DeVito met the love of his life Rhea Perlman during the showcase of one of his plays, ‘The Shrinking Bride’. They started an affair and got married in 1982. They have three children together––Lucy, Grace and Jacob. Trivia It was said that in 2012, DeVito got separated from his wife after 30 years of marriage but in the following year it was publicized that they have reconciled and are living together again. DeVito is a vegetarian and an animal lover, to an extent that once at the sets of ‘Taxi’ he refused to kill cockroaches. When DeVito had not joined the acting academy, he joined her sister at her salon and worked as a hairdresser for some time.
  7. PeggyB


    1558 Queen Elizabeth I of England ascended to the throne upon the death of her half-sister Queen Mary. 1800 Congress met in Washington, DC, for the first time. 1869 The Suez Canal opened in Egypt. 1917 Sculptor Auguste Rodin died in Meudon, France. 1968 Night of the "Heidi bowl:" NBC switched from football to movie of Heidi. In the missing 42 seconds, the lagging Raiders scored two touchdowns, defeating the Jets. 1973 President Nixon said "I am not a crook." 2003 Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in as governor of California. **********************************************************************************DAILY EXTRA************************************************** 1989.............The beginning of the "Velvet Revolution," which led to the downfall of communism in Czechoslovakia. The Velvet Revolution (Czech: sametová revoluce) or Gentle Revolution (Slovak: nežná revolúcia) was a non-violent transition of power in what was then Czechoslovakia, occurring from 17 November to 29 December 1989. Popular demonstrations against the one-party government of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia combined students and older dissidents. The result was the end of 41 years of one-party rule in Czechoslovakia, and the subsequent dismantling of the planned economy and conversion to a parliamentary republic. On 17 November 1989 (International Students' Day), riot police suppressed a student demonstration in Prague. It marked the 50th Anniversary of a violently suppressed demonstration against Nazi occupation. The 17 Nov. 1989 event sparked a series of demonstrations from 17 November to late December. By 20 November, the number of protesters assembled in Prague grew from 200,000 the previous day to an estimated 500,000. The entire top leadership of the Communist Party, including General Secretary Miloš Jakeš, resigned on 24 November. On 27 November, two-hour general strike involving all citizens of Czechoslovakia was held. In response to the collapse of other Warsaw Pact governments and the increasing street protests, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia announced on 28 November that it would relinquish power and dismantle the one-party state. Two days later, the legislature formally deleted the sections of the Constitution giving the Communists a monopoly of power. Barbed wire and other obstructions were removed from the border with West Germany and Austria in early December. On 10 December, President Gustáv Husák appointed the first largely non-communist government in Czechoslovakia since 1948, and resigned. Alexander Dubček was elected speaker of the federal parliament on 28 December and Václav Havel the President of Czechoslovakia on 29 December 1989. In June 1990, Czechoslovakia held its first democratic elections since 1946. On 1 January 1993, Czechoslovakia split into two countries—the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  8. PeggyB


    Birthday: November 16, 42 BC Nationality: Ancient Roman Famous: Leaders Emperors & Kings Sun Sign: Scorpio Died At Age: 78 Also Known As: Tiberius Claudius Nero, Born in: Rome, Italy Famous as: Roman Emperor Spouse/Ex-: Julia the Elder (m. 11 BC), Vipsania Agrippina (m. 19 BC) father: Tiberius Claudius Nero mother: Livia Drusilla children: Germanicus, Julius Caesar Drusus Died on: March 16, 37 place of death: Misenum Tiberius was a long-serving Roman Emperor who was also known for his military achievements. Born to an aristocratic household, he was fourth in line to the throne and was entrusted with considerable responsibilities from a very young age. Initially assigned to administrative affairs, Tiberius soon developed into a formidable military leader. He commanded a series of successful campaigns in various parts of Europe and outside, and held important administrative positions in between the military campaigns. Even with all the success, he was never happy mainly due to the estrangement from his first wife Vipsania. At the height of his power, he shocked everyone by retiring to Rhodes, forsaking all his responsibilities. But the untimely deaths of the heirs to the throne, resulted in not only Tiberius’ return to Rome, but also his return to the positions of power which he had never held before. His subsequent rule was marked by indecision and indifference on his part, and made him unpopular with the masses. Just like before, he again started shirking his responsibilities and left Rome again, leaving his trusted ally Sejanus in charge. He still had considerable powers and wielded them to execute Sejanus and his associates on the charges of treason. Tiberius might not have been the best Roman emperor, but he fared far better than his successors, who plunged Rome into anarchy and decadence. Tiberius married Vipsania Agrippina, the daughter of Augustus’s close friend, General Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa. He had one son from this marriage, ‘Drusus Julius Caesar’. Agrippa died in 12 BC and the following year, Augustus forced Tiberius to divorce Vipsania and marry Agrippa’s widow, Julia. Tiberius was deeply unhappy with his second marriage as he still pined for Vipsania and his misery was compounded by Julia’s flagrant and licentious behaviour. The marriage finally ended in 2 BC with Julia’s exile. After his accession as the emperor, his reign was unstable as he was indecisive. His instructions were not clear and he was neither popular with the Senate, nor with the people. His son’s untimely death in 23 AD made him even more withdrawn. In 37 AD, he contacted an illness while travelling in Campania and was taken to Misenum for treatment, but died there on 16 March 37 AD, at the age of 78. Trivia This Roman Emperor was a powerful yet reluctant ruler, who twice went on self-imposed exiles, abandoning all his powers in search for solitude.
  9. PeggyB


    1864 General Sherman and his troops began their "March to the sea" during the Civil War. 1933 The United States and the Soviet Union established diplomatic relations. 1973 President Nixon signed the bill authorizing the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. 2004 President George W. Bush nominated Condoleezza Rice to replace Colin Powell as secretary of state. ****************************************************************************DAILY EXTRA******************************************************** 1907...........................................Oklahoma became the 46th state. Francisco Vásquez de Coronado first explored the region for Spain in 1541. The U.S. acquired most of Oklahoma in 1803 in the Louisiana Purchase from France; the Western Panhandle region became U.S. territory with the annexation of Texas in 1845. Set aside as Indian Territory in 1834, the region was divided into Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory on May 2, 1890. The two were combined to make a new state, Oklahoma, on Nov. 16, 1907. On April 22, 1889, the first day homesteading was permitted, 50,000 people swarmed into the area. Those who tried to beat the noon starting gun were called “Sooners,” hence the state's nickname. Oil made Oklahoma a rich state, but natural-gas production has now surpassed it. Oil refining, meat packing, food processing, and machinery manufacturing (especially construction and oil equipment) are important industries. Minerals produced in Oklahoma include helium, gypsum, zinc, cement, coal, copper, and silver. Oklahoma's rich plains produce bumper yields of wheat, as well as large crops of sorghum, hay, cotton, and peanuts. More than half of Oklahoma's annual farm receipts are contributed by livestock products, including cattle, dairy products, swine, and broilers. Tourist attractions include the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, the Will Rogers Memorial in Claremore, the Cherokee Cultural Center with a restored Cherokee village, the restored Fort Gibson Stockade near Muskogee, the Lake Texoma recreation area, pari-mutuel horse racing at Remington Park in Oklahoma City, and Blue Ribbon Downs in Sallisaw. During the first half of the 1900s, Oklahoma was a stronghold for the Democrats. In fact, the Republican Party only won the state in two presidential elections, 1920 and 1928. However, since 1952, Oklahoma has become increasingly conservative and Republican presidential candidates have carried the state in every election except one, in 1964. Moreover, no Democratic presidential candidate has won a single county in the state since 2000.
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