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  1. Man'n'Black-4xp

    Avast trying to install Chrome

    Am I mistaken or is Malware bytes a different beast? FYI I had a clear and decisive opt out feature...
  2. Man'n'Black-4xp

    Converting DVD's to MP4's for Kindle Fire

    Roxio is dangerous to windows, scary bad. Just saying...
  3. Man'n'Black-4xp

    good free games

    WOT will inform you of iffy sites... Bored.com has some simple but addicting games.
  4. LoL Removal is not the issue, controling it is the true contest...
  5. Man'n'Black-4xp

    Questions about plugin-container.e X e

    R.A.D is gnash real? I looked into and all I see is it seems to be just pipe dreams for coders... did I miss something?
  6. Man'n'Black-4xp

    Steps on installing HD with XP on a new mobo ??

    All XP discs I have seen do not care who made the machine, and give you the option of formating/partioning. as a slave... thiis allows you see what is on it, and you can check hd for bad spotz etc. warning though the code spot at 33/34 minutes in will kill an install, so look for the RIGHT codes first... Or just try the repair function first... {the disc will ask you twice to repair, ignore the first unless you want to deal with dos crap}
  7. Man'n'Black-4xp

    Questions about plugin-container.e X e

    Flash kill {a foxy add-on} allows just on click....fyi. Gnash is a stand alone? so howdoes that work... I will check this out... TY
  8. Man'n'Black-4xp

    Questions about plugin-container.e X e

    Thanks? Any tips/tricks in this forum of yours GB? Again I seek to limit, not kill it.
  9. Man'n'Black-4xp

    Questions about plugin-container.e X e

    F.Y.I. I run either Fox, or PaleMoon browsers... Limited add-ons
  10. Man'n'Black-4xp

    Questions about plugin-container.e X e

    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but it crosses different OS'es so... I searched the net for a why to tame/restrain Adobe flash player. All I can find are ways to kill it. My problem on several machines and different OS'es is the plugin-container {which houses Flash} runs un checked causing CPU to max out. kill flash and things go back to being all happy and jolly. Unforunatly flash is needed , so any ideas?
  11. Yahoo it self is a slow joke, alot of peep just gave up on them, m yself included.
  12. Man'n'Black-4xp

    Free Game... Fun... Addicting -4Fran/Frazz

    FRee games fun!
  13. Man'n'Black-4xp

    Workaround for a BIOS password

    Or maybe... Google...
  14. Man'n'Black-4xp

    You don't need Java

    Thanks Jram.
  15. Man'n'Black-4xp

    Finally! More people use Windows 7 than XP

    I have a seven machine, and it seems to me, like a kid hopped up on sugar... fast yet unpredictable... They need to just revamp XP...