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  1. Thanks everyone! New video will be out next Wednesday on another topic. 11.21.2018. thanks for watching!
  2. Well i spent a few days a few months ago fiddeling around with my iPhone that i bought after some money i got from work. So back then it took around two hours to unlock. There is no opening required, its a simple software mod. With this you get all kinds of cool stuff: - Use of any GSM (Sim card network) services like T-mobile[im using tmobile on mine] - Games [ i have gameboy advanced and sega genesis emulators running oh and also Nintendo yes the original one you mario gamers ] -Other Applications its realy hard to say what because it matters what you like. In other words you get more out of your $400 device. So like i said a few months ago it took two hours to do the entire mod. With programming now it takes a simple 4 minutes not including time it takes to download the files. I am expert at walking you through/doing iPhone's. But my iPod touch skills are still experimental. I do not take any responsibility of your broken devices which is about 99.9% chance they will NOT break
  3. Phil

    Free streaming movies

    your welcome everyone, if you need any help with anything like that just pm me
  4. ok on my new computer that i got in july i downloaded zone alarm the first day i got it......my comp has windows xp....... so since i got zonealarm on my computer after about an hours use of my computer my internet connection says it works but wen i try to go on lyk any page it doesnt go it just says page connot be displayed. so now i have to restart my computer every hour. but i tryed one thing......once my internet conenction turned off(says it on) i shutdown zonealarm and my internet worked again.......so im thinking, o its probably a bad download ill jus download it again and itll be fine once i re-install it, so i re-downlaod and re-install it and it still turns off the connection.....now im stuck with useing windows firewall instead of zone alarm......anybody know if its a bug in zone alarm or if theres any othere good firewall because i lyk the idea too much of useing windows fire because.....well........lets just say its not the best.......lol...........
  5. Phil

    Best movie ever

    office space!!!(this IS a computer forum so y not add OFFICE space)
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