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  1. JohnT

    POTW Aviation

    WWII B17
  2. Don't think too much of this guy at all. A bigot and typical military conservative single point gung ho version...................
  3. JohnT

    June Desktops

    Golden State Warriors NBA champs again......................
  4. JohnT

    Happy Birthday JohnT!!!

    Thanks again, I am looking forward to desert. This is one day I throw away the diabetic meter and say to heck with it and have whatever I want. Peggy that Pumpkin pie looks awesome.....................
  5. JohnT

    Happy Birthday JohnT!!!

    Thanks everyone having a nice day; Hanging out with family later in the day and currently at Starbucks having a cold one. Feel grateful to be the big 70...............
  6. JohnT

    May Desktops

  7. JohnT

    Problem after updating to Windows 1803

    My desktop look about 20 minutes to update plenty of space and 16gb RAM, my laptop took 4 hours to update and took forever just to get out of 1%. I just left it alone and eventually it came through, when I restarted got black screen left it alone and within thirty minutes or so it finally finished uploading and all good after that.
  8. JohnT

    May Desktops

    Heather Farms Park Walnut Creek about 30 minutes from my house.
  9. JohnT

    Windows 1803 is out

    I installed the latest version the other day, took about 20 minutes, and few startups later. So far so good. I will know better when it installs on the tablet, and laptop.
  10. JohnT

    April Desktops

  11. JohnT

    Width of main page huge

    Thanks much appreciated....................
  12. JohnT

    Width of main page huge

    So where do I find that skin?
  13. JohnT

    Width of main page huge

    So why is the main page huge in width? I have to scroll of quite some time to get to the right side of page; Cannot change the utube videos with this current condition. Any quick remedy? Is it the standard skin that needs to be changed?
  14. JohnT

    April Desktops

    A autumn collage I did awhile back on my desktop
  15. JohnT

    April Desktops

    Egret on the shoreline