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  1. JohnT


    Belated Bday wishes , not around yesterday; hope you had a great day...…...…….
  2. JohnT

    Happy Birthday Audrey

    Really Late, not on for a few days, but a belated Happy Bday, and hope it was Outstanding!!!!
  3. JohnT

    DVD not working

    Thanks already tried that one, no joy.
  4. JohnT

    DVD not working

    All of a sudden my DVD player/recorder is not recognizing anything. No message just non recognition on my laptop Asus K60IJ windows 10 v1809. Intel 2.20 GHZ 4.0GB RAM. Device type HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT10N shows working and driver working.? It has been so long since I have had to troubleshoot I am beyond rusty. Appreciate any help to resolve.
  5. JohnT


    He is quite the rude narcissistic individual with zero regard for anyone that is not kissing up to him.
  6. JohnT

    May Desktops

  7. JohnT

    May Desktops

    Went to Oakland last week and Lake Merritt.
  8. JohnT

    April Desktops

    Easter coming up this week.
  9. JohnT

    March Desktops

  10. JohnT

    Upgrade Android Tablet

    Mine is a nextbook Android 5.1 system tablet.
  11. JohnT

    March Desktops

    Quarry Lake Stockton.
  12. JohnT

    Upgrade Android Tablet

    Funny my cheaper tablets, Amazon Fire, and IdeaPlay tablet w/win10 have both worked super well, the Android over $200 sucks. It loads slow, and is notorious for not starting up correctly. I may mess with it no big loss if I turn it into a brick door stop. Thanks for input...………….
  13. Does anyone know if my Android tablet Marshmallow can be upgraded to Oreo. Not a phone but a tablet and I don't want to root system.
  14. JohnT

    March Desktops

    Ready for St Pats Day
  15. JohnT

    Windows 10 S mode

    I need and upgrade on laptop it just turned nine years old. Still working good but it could go anytime.
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