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  1. Efficient cursor of mouse under Transparent_Banner.SWF or Transparent_Banner.PNG Make this possible? I want to insert to the forum transparent banner, but, under the banner will be buttons Forums, Memebrs and Calendar... can make it so that the mouse does not lose function and he continued to work under the banner of a fully? banner does not contain the function click mouse not want to do: .banner:hover { display: none }
  2. ikamazini

    How to put a banner, correct ...

    or Please advise how to put a banner
  3. I use the code, globalTemplate: <head>: <div style='z-index:20000; position: absolute; top: 7px; left: 798px;'><a href="http://site.tv/" target="_blank"><img src="/public/banners/pik2.png" title="" /></a></div>[/CODE] but monitors with different resolution a banner displayed on another :(
  4. How to change "Warn Progress bar" to "Warn 10%-20%-30%" like as
  5. ikamazini

    3.2.x How to add page numbers

    yes i found :) thank you ... :)
  6. How to add page numbers in forums like as 3.1.x:
  7. <div style='z-index:20000; position: absolute; top: 15px;'><center><a href="#"><img src="/public/style_images/christmas.png" title="" /></a></center></div>[/CODE] but in no way Can not :(
  8. How to remove scroll bar? IPB 3.1.4 - Gal 4.0.4 -(SOS31) Enhanced Gallery Images in Board Index 1.0.0 Look & Feel > Manage Skin Sets & Templates > Manage Templates > Board Index > sos31_boardIndexGalleryImages #appGallLatestHook { height: 134px; overflow:auto; overflow-y: hidden; } change with: #appGallLatestHook { height: 134px; overflow:auto; overflow-y: hidden; overflow-х: hidden !important; } does not help :(
  9. ikamazini

    As to equalize ... ?

    i want to make same this border for all "Stats", if the figures in the statistics point to take from this border adjustment then I think everything will be alright tested, I added the numbers for "Replies" and alright Mr Broni you have no idea how to call? so as not to touch the modification of the banners and equate everything with css and, im sorry for my bad english modification for the banners looks like this: <if test="$forum_data['f_bimg']"> <if test="$forum_data['f_blink']"> <div align='center'> <a href='{$forum_data['f_blink']}' target='_blank'><img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/forum_banners/{$forum_data['f_bimg']}' /></a> </div> <else /> <div align='center'> <img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/forum_banners/{$forum_data['f_bimg']}' /> </div> </if> <else /> <img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/forum_banners/no_banner.png' /> </if>
  10. ikamazini

    As to equalize ... ?

    it is because of the block "Stats", I think there should be put an invisible line from the top down so that it was exactly, if near a banner or in another section be added the number "Replies", that is the line width of only regulate evenness "Stats" on the main forum page.
  11. ikamazini

    As to equalize ... ?

    yes. you are right 100% Broni ... i`m sorry :( _http://mitsubishi-club.ge/ yes, 3.1.4
  12. As to equalize ... ? IPB 3.1.4 I`m sorry for topic title, i do not know the name of the blocks ...