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  1. I'm wanting to separate Shouts with a line as you have done here (on the modern chrome skin) but am clueless as to how to do it. Any help appreciated. :)
  2. A final problem for tonight. My smileys within topics have stopped working this evening, all existing smileys are working fine and in the shoutbox too but when I try to enter a smiley in a new topic I get this: I had to take a screen shot as it wouldn't allow me to copy the text. When I click 'Edit' the smiley shows up great. The only thing I've done tonight is enable IP. Seo.
  3. table.ipb_table th { font-size: 11px; font-weight: bold; padding: 3px 6px; background: color #000000; }
  4. An extract taken just now from forumindexTemplate: <!-- BEGIN TOPICS --> <if test="hastopics:|:is_array( $topic_data ) AND count( $topic_data )"> {parse striping="forumTable" classes="row1,row2"} <foreach loop="topics:$topic_data as $tid => $data"> <if test="$data['pinned']"> <if test="$this->hasPinned=1"></if> <else> <if test="$this->hasPinned"> <if test="$this->hasPinned=0"></if> <if test="$this->memberData['is_mod'] == 1"> <else> </else></if> </if> </else></if> {parse template="topic" group="forum" params="$data, $forum_data, $other_data, $inforum"} </foreach> <else />
  5. http://www.tipf.org.uk/forums/forum/92-open-image-forum/ It's the default skin.
  6. I'm not able to get this separator to work. I'm running 3.2.3 and my skin was created using Visual Editor
  7. TIPF

    Me again

    With Broni's help I've managed to increase the the main reason for this is that I want to make more use of my sidebar. Unfortunately when I increase the width of my sidebar I create overlap problems such as that in this topic. Is there any way of making the board auto adjust or do I have to physically enter the settings as above?
  8. TIPF

    Fit The Screen

    Thank you. I'm paid next Friday, when I do there is a contribution heading your way. Your help over the last 8 months has been invaluable!
  9. TIPF

    Fit The Screen

    Sorry, that reply was a little dim. Would it go after Debug Stats and before /body? </if> </div> <!--DEBUG_STATS--> </body> </html>
  10. TIPF

    Fit The Screen

    I don't suppose you have any idea where, or can it be dropped in anywhere?
  11. TIPF

    Fit The Screen

    Hi again, I have some AddThis code added to the bottom of my main board page (it basically adds a 'Like' button for Facebook/Twitter etc), how do I add the code so it appears at the foot of every topic and not just the main board?