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  1. nodsh


    Ski , I can see why you put it in boiling point , I myself , would be boiling , I can say the last time I seen rat was when I was a young kid except for when I was in this house renting it and i was around middle age , we live near a creek and i though that have been why . But have to tell you , they are vicious when cornered , please be carefull . I don't know what happened in my area where you never see one , but something was done , cause I haven't see once since , that was a few years ago !! My old time neighbor told me when we all had chicken coops they where plentiful then . What I think is important , what happened , and what was done too get rid of them . I wished i had an answer for you !!! PLEASE , DON'T tell me they are coming back , right now my biggest problem are RED Squirrels
  2. I am totally confused , do you have a chromebook or google chrome , as your browser ?? Sometimes search apps try to dominate the other and things can get missed up , MY suggestion post this with Broni , In the malware section ,cause this may be the issue , or at least him seeing some of the specs he could give you a start place to look at running the steps he has in order . Not trying to step on Roky toes here <S>
  3. nodsh


    Roky , thank for your input <S>
  4. nodsh


    Roky since you responded here , I would like to ask a question . I would understand if you said nothing , but since you live near , I respect your input !! What is your opinion of this "WALL" thing , where i live in NW Pa , the only involvement i had with a Mexican was this crew came from Cleveland Ohio , the leader I"ll call him spoke better english then i did , but the brothers and cousins did not . They came here to build a large metal garage and I was so impressed in their work , everone had something to do and they seem to understand the next step without talking , I even had to force them to quit for a snack break , really were hard workers , they were legal I think , I was impressed , but since this is my only exposure , I need to ask . not knowing what it is like in the real places that matter . Not wanting to put you on the spot , forgive me if i did , I just don't know . Also when I said Mexican , They told me they did cross the border to get in the states . They worked for a large us company that sold the metal buildings , so here we , should blame who ??? Them or the company , I pick the company , cause they were good people just trying to survive
  5. nodsh


    Fran , surprised to see the humor moved here <S> , but I understand your point , I have to agree with Fran , and also what about the trickle down effect to the mom and pop places etc; Ski , I don't know what unemployment laws are in your state , but here things done just on a whim of a person would allow compensation , even if a person is fired wrongly , we have seasonal workers getting paid not working , people unjustly fired getting paid for a certain time not working . True the fed workers get paid when back , but what about the time factor of having to deal with their livelihood and family's welfare . What really boils me (hint boiling point ) is the offer is less then what it was original . Can't believe when he said he understand what they have to deal with!!!
  6. nodsh

    February Desktops

    Roky pickup 62 ??? where playing catch
  7. nodsh

    Free cloneing DVD software ..

    When in windows I use CDBurnerXP . seem to work ok
  8. nodsh

    Hardware issues GPU & bluetooth

    Sounds like it could have been an update issue ,that windows 10 has been know too happen , like other things ,glad you got it working ok
  9. nodsh

    how to switch users on windows 10

  10. nodsh

    Happy Birthday rok!

    Roky , looks like you need to do a "DO-OVER" weather looking better !!
  11. nodsh

    Hardware issues GPU & bluetooth

    Don't know if i can help on this one , mainly because i cannot remember what I do to get it working each time . I have a laptop that I use a headset bluetooth , I have done all that you mentioned , but each time I go to use it , it will pair up ,but not work . IF i recall , will post here , next time I'll try to pay attention to what I have to do each time ?
  12. nodsh

    vmware , virtual box etc

    Roky , I also use persistent pen drives , but for windows specific and older software that will only run on windows , esp an older windows version . IT does come in handy sometimes !!! Forgot to mention peripherals , some test equipment , special printers . I hope to be doing what your doing , enjoying the outside that is , Our weather here has been crappy , but our Punxsutawney Phil calls for an early SPRING Thanks for your feedback
  13. This is just another example , that they were not prepared for the new technology , just like the politicians weren't prepared with the private email issue and the smart phone issue . I think they all emailed and disregarded the private server , without realizing the situation
  14. nodsh

    vmware , virtual box etc

    Does anyone here use either , or another , I've been using the free VMware and really pleased how good it works , with the tools you get when updating all things work really well , usb , cd dvd etc , they all work good . VMware also works good on Ubuntu , but I"ve have seen sites where on other distros they used virtual box , looking for any feed back , Thanks just wanted to add , Parallels Desktop. works for Apple users , would like some feedback there also
  15. Broni , sorry for being late , they took the computer cause it was working fine , I told them we needed to finish and get a good "AV" on . I did set up a dual boot witn linux , they stated they wouldn't use the vista os till they figured a good av that did not use a lot of resources , until then , when on the internet they would use the linux . I guess you just ought to mark this RESOLVED for now until I can connect with them again. IF As always I appreciate what you do .
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