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  1. dj


    I had a lot of problems with an update of theirs. I saw many others did from what I saw on their forums. Looks like the problem was fixed with a new update. Uninstalled it haven't reinstalled it yet. Holding off for now. I'd like to use just as a scanner but it will pester to turn the active protection back on.
  2. dj

    Windows 7 updates not working

    I've had a lot of problems updating Win7. Updates still aren't working right. No problems with the Win10 machine.
  3. dj

    Media player for W10

    VLC has always worked well for me. I use Ninite for programs. Recommended by several sites. No added junk to the downloads. Selection is limited but spyware and toolbar free. https://ninite.com/
  4. dj

    Win 10 upgrade.

    I'm still with 8.1. I'll probably wait awhile yet. Everything is so stable. But I'm thinking about it anyway.
  5. I have had a iphone 4s since Feburary. Nice piece of equipment. First smart phone. That iphone 6 looks huge.
  6. dj

    [RESOLVED] Firewall

    I use the Comodo firewall by itself and with Microsoft Security Essentials.
  7. dj

    Zone Alarm

    I hate it when companies do that.
  8. dj

    Never trust a photo copier.

    I remember seeing that before. I think it was on 60 minutes. Scary.
  9. dj

    Opera Is Switching

    I use Opera as my main browser. It will probably be ok. Better then the rumors about Facebook buying Opera. https://www.google.c...iw=1280&bih=834 I use Firefox and Chrome almost as much.
  10. I turned off Java a week ago and have yet to find a problem with any web sites. Now I'm wondering if I should delete it or just leave it turned off. Some security type web sites I checked seem to think it's ok to just turn it off.
  11. dj

    Anyone know about this

    There are quite a few how to videos on You Tube. Thats how I figured out some of it. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sandboxie&oq=sandboxie&gs_l=youtube.3..0l10.1113.4447.0.4780.
  12. dj

    Anyone know about this

    You bet oldtrig. I keep it pretty simple. Most of this I don't use. Not sure how a lot of it works. I mostly just sandbox the browsers. Once in a while I'll sandbox a new program that I'm not sure I want to keep. Sandboxie is really easy to use.
  13. dj

    Anyone know about this

    Save bookmarks to the real browser by allowing them to pass through. Otherwise all new bookmarks will disappear (as will all new cookies) when you delete the contents of the sandbox. I delete the sandbox contents every few hours of internet surfing. Just in case. Then reopen the browser in the sandbox. This is right click Opera, then Run Sandboxed. To keep all your new bookmarks from disappearing: Click sandbox settings. then.... Nothing can escape the sandbox. So if you get a virus it will be deleted when when you delete the contents. Look over the Sandboxie Forums. That question comes up and so far then haven't found anything that has gotten out. Your security programs can see into the sandbox but nothing in the sandbox can see out. It's also good for trying out a new program. Just sandbox it. Play around with it. Then delete the Sandbox. It's gone. You would then have to install the program outside the sandbox if you want to keep it.
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