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  1. GB2064

    C Cleaner settings

    Greetings! Lately, every time I run my C Cleaner, it removes my Roboform automatic log in information for some sites I regularly visit, ( Amazon, E Bay, Etc ). What settings should I un- check in my C Cleaner so that this does not happen? Thank you for any help! Gary
  2. Hello! I have a local AM talk station that I listen to on my computer. Suddenly, a few days ago I can access the stations site, but I can not get any talk shows to play. Has Firefox possibly done something that keeps me from hearing these shows? Thanks for any help. Gary
  3. GB2064


    Thanks! Re-installed and everything seems OK now. Gary
  4. GB2064


    Why is my Real time web protection in Malwarebytes Premium turning itself off? And when I try to turn it on it will not turn on. Is this caused by some sort of malware? I just started getting a warning about this a few days ago. My scans come up clean. Thanks for any help! Gary
  5. GB2064

    Control panel and then Screen saver

    Thanks Shay! I guess they thought it was much too easy to access before the "update", or should I call it a "downdate?"
  6. Hello, it's been a while! Well Windows has done it again! Ever since the last major update of my Win 10, I can not access the control panel by right clicking on the Windows logo anymore. And then when I finally open what is left of the control panel by typing "control panel" into the "run" box, there seems to be no way to select any screen saver options. How do I access the screen saver settings, or did Windows decide that I no longer need a screen saver. PS, Why do they keep changing these things, "if it aint broke, dont fix it!"
  7. GB2064


    Is there some way to disable that annoying Malwarebytes Anti Exploit banner that pops up every time I log onto a website? I know that I have it installed on my machine, I do not need to be told that it is protecting my machine every time I log onto a site.
  8. Is there a free version of Malwarebytes Anti Exploit, or just a "free trial"?
  9. GB2064

    Windows Defender

    The Mcafee security suite that came installed on my new Windows 10 rig has notified me that my subscription has expired. I do not want to continue with Mcafee. How do I access Windows Defender to make sure it is turned on? Also, how do I make sure the Windows Firewall is on? Update, I found the answers myself, and un-installed McAfee.
  10. GB2064

    USB overload message

    My new rig is a Lenovo 90EDZ1DQUS Windows 10 Home Intel Core i5 6400 @2.70 GH 8GB RAM 1 TB HDD 8 GB SSHD This rig is brand new (about one week old) Sometimes, when booting up, I get the message. Power Surge on USB Port An unknown USB device needs more power than the port can supply. The problem it that there are only two devices plugged into USB ports. One is my printer that is not turned on. The other is the brand new keyboard that came with this computer. They are both plugged into a group of four USB ports in the rear of my rig. How could this be overloading anything? I did a search online, and this seems to be a common problem,. After coming up several times at boot up the message goes away and the computer runs fine. Any ideas on how to deal with this message? Thanks,Gary
  11. GB2064

    Windows 10 Log on

    How do I up Windows 10 so that I do not have to log on with a password every time I start up my rig. False alarm, I figured out how to do it myself! Thanks anyway, Gary
  12. GB2064

    Hard Disc Scan

    Thanks for the information!
  13. GB2064

    Hard Disc Scan

    Windows really has this operation well hidden! I have done it before, but I'll be darned if I can remember how I scheduled a hard disc scan to be run on the next Windows startup. Can someone remind me where this operation is located? It sure is not very well listed in the Control Panel! Thanks GB
  14. GB2064

    Attention AVG Users

    And they have the nerve to call it their "privacy" policy. It seems to me that a better name would be their "snooping" policy.
  15. I agree with JohnT. I have never seen so much confusion and "BS" involved in an upgrade! Even if you are looking to buy a new desktop at Best Buy, they are telling you that they still only come with Windows 8.1 installed, and you can "upgrade to windows 10 for free". If they call all the "BS'", and problems I am reading about "free", they can keep their machines. If they think I am going to spend six to seven hundred dollars on a new HP "envy" desktop only to go through their upgrade nightmare they are nuts. They are just trying to unload all the Windows 8.1 rigs before they sell any factory installed Windows 10 rigs. Here we are over a month since Windows 10 came out and most of the HP desktops Best buy on line has listed are Windows 8.1. I'll do like JohnT, and wait them out!
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