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  1. r.a.d.

    Bogus Emails

    Seems after weeks I can finally post here from the dinosaur iPad. Hmm... David, might it be a difference in settings on your Vista email client?
  2. r.a.d.

    Days under the sun and rain.

    Our best wishes and thoughts to you and yours. When in hospital, they might provide a nicotine patch as they did me several times, helps take the edge off.
  3. r.a.d.

    Days under the sun and rain.

    Glad you're home safe & sound after that start! Good pix!
  4. r.a.d.

    Malwarebytes, Free Version

    You're very welcome Webweaver, hopefully the info was of help.
  5. r.a.d.

    Malwarebytes, Free Version

    It's recommended from a security standpoint as they are both complimentary rather than conflicting. Each looks for different threats. Even the Malwarebytes Premium with real-time protection is designed to work side by side with an active antivirus. This is, I suspect, true with Windows Defender as well, but am not familiar with that product. Bear in mind that the Malwarebytes free is only for scanning and removal after an infection. I gave up Windows when the last XP computer died here, but another layer of protection I always had was SpywareBlaster. This is totally passive (free version required periodic manual updating) that simply inserts certain entries in the Windows registry to prevent infection from malicious sites, it has no scanning engine. I just checked and it's compatible with Win. 10. You're probably fine without it, but I always installed it on the XP computers since it used no resources at all. https://www.brightfort.com/spywareblaster.html
  6. r.a.d.

    Malwarebytes, Free Version

    This is the most current comment from another site that may help explain: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/639236/free-version-of-malwarebytes/#entry4174818
  7. r.a.d.

    And the Winner Is?

    I don't see a picture posted of a winner. If it was a kids customized red wagon, this might do...
  8. r.a.d.

    2-16-17 Shot of the DAY

    Every summer growing up, we'd see Yosemite's Glacier Point firefall, a tradition that went on for close to 100 years. Horsetail Fall is reminiscent of that. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yosemite_Firefall
  9. r.a.d.

    Comcast Mail Problem

    Glad you're up and running again! Having gone through similar, it usually takes just one knowledgable person who can finally resolve things.
  10. r.a.d.

    Comcast Mail Problem

    That's it, I'm contacting the CEO of Comcast, Brian Roberts to personally resolve your problem! Oops, sorry Fran, just woke up from a nap. :(
  11. Thanks, it's always fun! Please donate my win to this board, much appreciated. :)
  12. r.a.d.

    Comcast Mail Problem

    Last time we had to go through this, my wife asked the accented tech where is he calling from? He said "Indiana". She laughed and complimented him for his quick thinking. He luckily solved our problem, admitting we were talking to India. Wish I could send the same good resolution to you Fran.
  13. r.a.d.

    1-12-17 Shot of the DAY

    Beautiful, particularly #2 with being in the right spot at the right time!