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  1. MichaelJ

    Fran's Favorites

    Skyler is working on his career development.
  2. MichaelJ

    Today's Cartoons

  3. MichaelJ


    I can believe that!
  4. MichaelJ


    I'm at a golf match in Northern Ireland and even with the Irish weather, will enjoy the weekend.
  5. MichaelJ

    Daily picture

    Nice one!
  6. MichaelJ

    Honoring our troops

    I'm enjoying the company of some UK former soldiers who I have served with, JAN, showed them this picture, they like it.
  7. MichaelJ

    End of life

    You are right Broni about the decline, I have even notice this in some large boards I'm a member of, people now have much more access to information to computer solving problems than before and don't rely on boards per se. Will check out the new board.
  8. MichaelJ


    Renewing some old friendships at the golf match in Northern Ireland, one I have not seen in 15 years.
  9. MichaelJ


    Right now I'm experiencing Northern Ireland weather, no heat stroke here!
  10. MichaelJ

    Honoring our troops

    Bringing them home safe and sound is a good thing!
  11. MichaelJ


    Now, now!
  12. MichaelJ

    Daily picture

    Seeing rainbows puts a smile on face.
  13. MichaelJ

    Honoring our troops

    Light a candle for them.
  14. MichaelJ


    So true!
  15. MichaelJ

    Lunar Landing

    Our roads and bridges are in a sad state for sure.
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