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  1. Hi nodsh, I think I have it okay now. The "environment" was checked under "enhancements" in the properties section of the Realtek High Definition audio speakers. I unchecked the tiny square and now the sound is normal. One of the suggestions I found from googling. I surely would be trying yours if this one had not worked. Thanks for replying.
  2. On 12/28, through its Windows Update, Microsoft automatically installed its October 1809 Build in my Windows 10 computer. Unfortunately, since then anything I play or record (in my built-in "sound recorder") sounds as if it's in a tunnel. I did not change any settings....all has been left set as it was previous to the install when it was playing and recording beautifully. I have googled to see what I can find as the cause and potential fix. I have not been successful. But, I have found that this problem seems to have occurred frequently in past "Build" updates, but, again, no fix. I have Realtek High Definition audio, do NOT use a microphone for recording...instead, use "stereo mix". I'm hoping that someone here may be familiar with this problem and may be of some help in finding a solution. Thanks for any help you can offer. Happy New Year to All!
  3. This seems very useful. Has anyone tried it? Any problems?
  4. Webweaver

    It just happened! - being first time grandpa :)

    What a beautiful photo. You look so unbelievably happy, Broni. So nice to see.
  5. Webweaver

    It just happened! - being first time grandpa :)

    CONGRATULATIONS Broni! Isn't it a marvelous feeling? Enjoy the patter of tiny feet walking along, beside and behind you 👶
  6. Webweaver

    Avast Free Antivirus

    That's what I thought.....leave well enough alone. Thanks for responding.
  7. I use Avast Free Antivirus and just received this notification, from Avast - I hope - as it does look ligitimate. What do you think? Thought I'd check with you good folks before "clicking". "Looks like your missing the Driver Updater scan. Click "install" to see which drivers need to be updated". Thanks.
  8. Webweaver

    Windows 10 Clipboard

    Apparently Windows 10 has no clipboard. Any suggestions for any alternative? I do note that I have an older Windows "viewer" but it doesn't work. Thanks
  9. Webweaver

    How Do I Correct This?

    Rokytnji, thanks so much. Will take care of this in the morning.
  10. Webweaver

    How Do I Correct This?

    I now cannot access my yahoo mail, nor my yahoo groups. Here is a printcreen of the message I receive. Anyone have any knowledge on what I should do here? Thanks for your help.
  11. Webweaver

    Email Sotware

    No, I didn't know this, roky....thank you for this. And thank you all for sharing what you have. Still deciding......
  12. Webweaver

    Email Sotware

    I was perfectly happy with my Verizon Web email service until we were all dumped over to Aol. I hate Aol and would like to switch over to another email service.....preferably free and one with not a lot of "bloat" and useless accessories. Any recommendations? What are you all using? So many out there.....
  13. Webweaver

    Farewell, Shay

    What a shock! He was so helpful to me, as well as all others who visited this forum I'm sure. It was easy to detect what a generous, kind, helpful person he was. So willing to help everyone.....I was wishing that he would check in here yesterday as I posted my question to the board so that I could thank him one more time (and he surely would have had the answer in a heartbeat). RIP Dear Shay. You surely will be missed. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.
  14. Webweaver

    Avast Safe Zone

    Broni, thank you so much. I had no idea. I installed Avast Free Antivirus many years ago without the browser, which wasn't available at the time, I'm assuming (always have been very satisfied with the Antivirus). Several years ago I uninstalled and re-installed the Antivirus.....I forget why....it was at that time that the browser was installed. Never used it, but my sister was asking me about it. Thanks for being very generous with your help, as always, Broni.