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  1. Bighorn1

    W 8/8.1 "app can not be run because UAC disabled"

    From Control Panel, User Accounts, Help: Most times when there is only one user it gains Administrative Rights during the setup. Having Rights is a bit different from being the actual Administrator which is hidden from the User Accounts applet. Sometimes right-clicking a file/shortcut and choosing Run as Administrator works. I use Webmail [mail app on my Domain] and just sent myself a .pdf file then opened it without problems.
  2. Bighorn1

    Anyone Familiar With Wordpress?

    My Domain host tried to get me to go with Wordpress as they had dropped support for Microsoft Front Page 2003 and earlier but all I succeeded in getting was for a Blog site, went a different direction instead [Microsoft Expression Web 4, now available free at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36179 ]. I don't think I'd want to go with pass wording the whole site but leave the first page open then using a script or another small program password succeeding pages. https://www.google.com/search?noj=1&site=&source=hp&q=password+a+site&oq=password+a+site&gs_l=hp.3..0i22i30l10.1728.6209.0.6355.
  3. Bighorn1

    Wireless Broadband Install

    A couple of things, did you try different USB ports? Did you shut the computer down and pull the power cord out, wait 30 seconds or so and try again? Sometimes the USB 2.0 ports will identify a device but give a message of it would work better in a faster port suggesting it's recognized as only a 1.1 version and the device requires full 2.0 support, pulling the power cord 'normalizes' things.
  4. I was just reading about it on the link provided and there appears to be no further movement since back in November and no specific 'fix'. It does appear to be problematic. http://scientificswede.blogspot.se/2012/05/extending-vlc-with-lua.html I have VLC 2.1.4 on OS X 10.9.3 Mavericks.
  5. Bighorn1

    Same pix + 2 computers = WHY do I need to scroll ?

    Also, the screen size of monitors and Notebooks/Laptops are physically measured diagonally just like TVs. The advent of LCD screens didn't change how they are measured from the CRT screens, good for making a comparison. The resolution of LCD/LED is a ratio of 16:9 [or 16:10 on some] so, as mentioned by Shay, the same resolution numbers will look different on different size screens.
  6. Bighorn1

    APC Back UPS Es 725 Beeping

    You're welcome.
  7. Bighorn1

    APC Back UPS Es 725 Beeping

    The best way to check if the UPS is working is to have a power failure or unplug the power cord from the wall socket. Here's APC's FAQ page: http://www.apc.com/support/faq.cfm
  8. The CDFS is the file system used on CDs and/or DVDs. There's usually some Folders on the disc that contain the video, may be titled as Video_RM and Video_TS, these are on all the discs I record from TCM/Turner Classic Movies on cable. Both are required so you'll need a DVD Movie ripping program to get the video into a different format such as .avi, .wmv, mpeg, etc. Since they already play on your computer they should play on other computers but it may depend upon the Operating System and whether there's a DVD program installed.
  9. Yep, the appearance is getting stronger every day that Windows is losing out and is most useful only for needed programs that are not available for Linux or Mac.
  10. Been lucky, 3 computers without problems, one has the Media Center which has been mentioned in a lot of the problems.
  11. Someone may eventually see your post but it's added under a different subject name/question from 2.5 years ago so it may be missed. Would have been best to start a new post.
  12. Bighorn1

    Firefox 29 annoyances....

    I also didn't like the 'new' style so I use this Add-on for Windows and Macintosh: Firefox 2, The Theme, Reloaded 1.07 This is the result:
  13. Adobe Patches Acrobat, Reader, Flash and Illustrator http://www.zdnet.com/adobe-patches-acrobat-reader-flash-and-illustrator-7000029397/?s_cid=e589&ttag=e589&ftag=TREc64629f Most 'net users will have Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player installed. I've never gotten around to installing Illustrator but the version I have is older and may not run on Win7.
  14. And don't overlook the end of support for Office 2003, it can still be run on WinVista and Win7 but could be a problem. I haven't had occasion to install it on Win8 yet.
  15. Bighorn1

    Firefox won't keep my homepage

    I find it best to open only the page [or pages] I want to start with then go to Tools, Options, General tab and click the Use Current Pages to set as desired. Or in other words go to the site/s desired first then set it. As for the automatic update go to Tools, Options, Advanced tab and make changes as desired.