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  1. Audrey

    Baby Animals

    3 # 1
  2. Audrey

    Baby Animals

    Here are a few of piggy's friends.
  3. Audrey

    Yemen Any photo related ..

    3pic 3
  4. Audrey


    Memorial Day to all piggy & me
  5. Audrey

    Body's of Water

    6# 4
  6. Audrey

    Body's of Water

    This is a big body of water.lol
  7. HI Rob Nice to see your post again.Good to know you are well. Yes, indeed JR will be missed.he kept in touch with me always sending me piggy stuff I worked in a hospital for a number of years he had COPD I was always asking him about his breathing he would give me updates on his breathing... Unfortunately he was a smoker years back .He had a good sense of humor His dog Jam will be lost without him. I enjoyed sending him dog stuff and he was a lover of chocolates . . etc Today would have been his birthday I hope the angels are celebrating R.i.P..
  8. DITTO!!!!! YES HE WILL CERTAINLY BE MISSED PIGGY & I say R.I. P Thanks for all your help.
  9. Audrey

    FAREWELL JRAM (John Ramsay)

    Gone but not forgotten R.I.P. Piggy & Me
  10. Audrey

    FAREWELL JRAM (John Ramsay)

    What a wonderful thought .R.I.P.
  11. Audrey

    Farewell, Shay

    I am a bit late R.I.P. my condolence to the family and friends
  12. Audrey

    firefox quantum

    Yes, I like it so far it downloaded automatically. no problems so far. looking forward to using it. The screenshot is good. send to cool. lots more to learn. I also like EDGE .. I remember way back when when Broni recommended I use FF think then it was . version 1 lol now 57 wow fun stuff. cheers to all piggy & me.
  13. HI Mike

    How are you and Millie.I have come up in the tech world a little got a Samsung  cell phone and a tablet. Enjoy learning new stuff.

    Always find time for exercise.How is the fishing?

    What  an a**hole of a pres you have.Pathological DJT

    I enjoy watching Rachel Maddow and Lawrence o Donnell have a good week

    Cheers always








  14. Audrey

    MS 10 creator update

    HI Broken Club so were you able to fix it? What bugged me was it kept sayin go to microsoft and change your password .I could not log in so how could I go and change my password. delighted it is back on track. I am not sure why it changed its mind I kept using the same one take care .
  15. Audrey

    MS 10 creator update

    OMG! I went out for a few hours.. came home tried a few more times.finally it says use the last password you used in the past . so I typed it in under frustration would you believe it worked the screen said welcome to creator.I was indeed pleased.I need a drink lol Thanks so much..