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    life itself...living each day to the fullest..
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  1. Audrey

    Happy Birthday, Michael

    piggy says oink oink have a oinky oink pigday. cheers on your 21st hugs from both of us
  2. Audrey

    Happy Birthday, Michael

    Have a puurrrrrfect purthday purrs Millie
  3. Audrey

    Happy Birthday, Michael

    ALL the best on your 21st birthday
  4. Audrey


    Ha ha thanks
  5. Audrey

    We welcome a new grandpuppy!

    Hi all Sitting on the beach in Jaco Costa Rica Hola to all of you Cheers and hugs toall Audrey and hubby šŸ˜
  6. Lucas first Christmas Lucas says how did i get so lucky to have BRONI FOR MY GRANPA ?
  7. WOW OMG I see Santa has put Lucas at the top of his list. Have those cookies andmilk ready

    You have much to be thankful for havingĀ  a fantasticĀ  healthyĀ  grandsonĀ 

    all theĀ  Ā bestĀ  to you and your familyĀ 

    Always your Canadian friendĀ 


    1. Broni


      Thank you šŸ™‚
      Happy Thanksgiving šŸ™‚


  9. A gorgeous geek,šŸ’»šŸ¼
  10. Audrey

    UTube Downloader

    Broni gave me that one years ago it is good , cheers a
  11. LOVABLE LUCAS OMG enjoy every second they grow so quickly
  12. Wishing FRAN a very Happy Birthday cheers & hugsĀ 

    we all love you.


  13. Audrey


    Memorial Day to all piggy & me
  14. HI Rob Nice to see your post again.Good to know you are well. Yes, indeed JR will be missed.he kept in touch with me always sending me piggy stuff I worked in a hospital for a number of years he had COPD I was always asking him about his breathing he would give me updates on his breathing... Unfortunately he was a smoker years back .He had a good sense of humor His dog Jam will be lost without him. I enjoyed sending him dog stuff and he was a lover of chocolates . . etc Today would have been his birthday I hope the angels are celebrating R.i.P..
  15. DITTO!!!!! YES HE WILL CERTAINLY BE MISSED PIGGY & I say R.I. P Thanks for all your help.
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