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    History, astronomy, music(guitar), hockey, computing...oh, and ferrets!
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    main system: amd dual-core 3.0, 8 gig, 4TB on board, 240mg SD, 1Gig video, 27" monitor. Used for programming and 3D work for the most part.
  1. There is such overwhelming evidence that we are responsible for a 100 to 1000 increase in extinctions, we pump huge amounts of greenhouse gases and toxins into our air, water and earth... it boggles my mind that some people still argue that we are not to blame... are these the same folks who disregard evolution ? ....wow....
  2. Doobie Brother

    3D picture file size vs regular digital pix size

    What exactly is a 3D photo ? Does it have a hologram effect of some sort ?
  3. Doobie Brother

    msvcr80 install

    Wow....that's a LOT of stuff running!!! You could remove half or more with little to no repercussions, and reap the increase in resources. Just off the top of my head, all the updater software is a waste of space, as is the drive monitor programs. To compares systems, my two machines run on 40-45 total processes.
  4. Doobie Brother

    Video Downloader

    VLC is the only player I use, as it handles every format I throw at it. Not sure about RealMedia (rm) files, but they seem to have faded from the scene anyhow.
  5. Doobie Brother

    Can security software be removed from new HD ??

    You can easily erase that garbage by performing a format on the drive. Bundled with can mean either pre-installed or on a CD. It also tends to mean bloatware, aka stuff you do not want but is installed anyway. Be aware that some companies, Future Shop being one, will void their lousy warranty if the bundled stuff is removed. This amounts to blackmail, in my opinion.
  6. Doobie Brother

    Intuit Internal Printer = WHERE did it come from ??

    Sounds like Intuit (the tax guys ?) did something I hate: they installed their own virtual printer...it bothers me when developers do things like that without at least asking first. Same with companies like adobe and others who add update programs to your msconfig so they're running in the background, slowing your system. Just my 2 cents...
  7. Doobie Brother


    Bighorn is right of course, tossing a pre-installed version of Windoze on a HDD into a new system won't even boot.
  8. Doobie Brother

    wiping HDD without CD or USB

    Do they still make computers with floppys ??! Other possible solutions are: - remove the HDD, install in a running desktop and format. - boot the old computer using a boot disk - which can be downloaded or borrowed...any OS will do. - buy or borrow an external HD case, plug the drive in...plug it into a working PC and format.
  9. Doobie Brother

    Data tranfer speeds

    Yep, that many files takes a while to copy as each one needs to be written to the HD's storage area as well as the file allocation table or FAT. One way to speed things up, at least in terms of copying that many files, would be to use Winrar or equivalent to create a handful of archives..say 4 or 5, then transfer those to the destination drive. BUT, I just re-read your post which tells me you're original files are on a DVD, making it a bit harder to do what I described; there won't be enough room on the DVD! Oh well..
  10. Doobie Brother

    Is Chrome Using To Much Memory On Your Computer?

    Tried Chrome, didn't like the way it ties you to Google services without asking first...Ill stick with Opera :)
  11. Doobie Brother

    Are HTML bookmarks different between browsers ?

    I use Opera as well and have successfully exported bookmarks from it to FF as html, without any problems.
  12. Doobie Brother

    Video DLer that removes ads ??

    I use a J-Downloader for most of my downloads, including u-tube stuff. Simply right-click on the video itself,, choose copy link address, then pick the flv of choice.
  13. Doobie Brother

    Intertest Explorer Quitting

    You may want to change browsers. I dumped Explorer years ago when I discovered it was filling my HD with hidden folders full of garbage! I assume the newer versions no longer do this, but once burned... btw, I prefer Opera over FF, but that's a personal decision.
  14. Doobie Brother

    AutoPlay annoyance - nothing happens

    A simple solution is to disable auto-play. Personally I found it annoying every time I inserted a DVD or SD card to have that dialog pop up!
  15. Doobie Brother

    transfer to new PC ?

    There is another way: download all the Buffet pics you can find, putting them all in a folder....call it Pics, or whatever you wish. RIght-click on the desktop, choose Personalize, Desktop Background, then Picture Location. Use the Browse button to locate the Pics folder. Once you do, choose all the pics in the folder - make sure the pics are all check-marked. Now, click on Change Picture Every: and pick the interval you want.....for a screensaver I'd go with 5-10 minutes, but it's a personal preference. Save the new theme by clicking on Save changes. That's it :)