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  1. xrobwx1971

    Upgrade Android Tablet

    I know this is an old thread but for future questions, this is the best place to go for this kind of endeavor. I put Kali Linux Nethunter on a Nexus 9 tablet and this site was invaluable for research and help. https://www.xda-developers.com/
  2. xrobwx1971

    Jan. 9 - Jan. 16

  3. Malware that aims to mine cryptocurrencies gas become quite popular as cryptocurrencies themselves rose to the spotlight, and there are a few examples of crypto-mining malware showing up on devices, sometimes even causing physical damage. However, a new virus targeting Linux does a little more than that, according to research from Dr. Web. Linux.BtcMine.174 is the current name of the new strand which mostly aims to mine the Monero cryptocurrency. But, in addition to that, this piece of malware which contains over 1,000 lines of code also tries to set itself up to shut down running services, hide files, and potentially steal your password. Source
  4. xrobwx1971

    Tracking Pixels

    The Ghostery app may help. I use Chrome. It looks like it's available for other browsers as well.
  5. xrobwx1971

    The best Anti-virus program, free & paid

    Windows Defender is all one needs now days.(Not just my opinion) Microsoft has turned it into a robust and full Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware product. It also includes MS's E.M.E.T. Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit as well. Also, it's integrated into the OS so it doesn't hit the resources.
  6. No offense taken here. I'm always open for civilized debate and discussion. Thanks for the reply my friend. They need more people like you in the Linux community, hell and the Windows community for that matter. I like helping as well and would never be snarky to a "noob" as I was a noob once. I don't get offended easily I just simply don't have time to have a contest on who's smarter when I have a question in any forum. I am in relative terms new to Linux even though I have been tinkering with it since the late 90's. Tinkering and using are worlds apart. I at one time was going to switch at home but 15 years ago the gaming kept me with Windows. Today, that's no longer the case as you can play most games on Linux just fine. Anyway, thank you for the insight and your thoughts.
  7. xrobwx1971

    Rogue DHCP server malware

    I don't know if this is helpful but check it out. https://isc.sans.edu/forums/diary/new+rogueDHCP+server+malware/6025/ https://www.computerweekly.com/tip/How-to-stop-rogue-DHCP-server-malware https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/microsoft_rogue_dhcp_server_detection.html <---Free!!
  8. While reading the scammer email, you hit forward and enter the address me@rescam.org. Like forwarding an email to a friend instead of the friend, enter me@rescam.org. šŸ™‚
  9. From the same article at bleepingcomputer: It's not Windows fault. I manage over 20 Windows machines varying from home to business, Windows Server 2008 to Win 10 Pro, laptops, desktops, ect. Not one has had an infection nor have I had any issues that wasn't easily fixed. I just yesterday replaced my personal one at home and after having the old one for 8 years going from Windows 7 -8 -8.1, 10 pro it never had an infection. I only replaced it to upgrade and its still running strong on Win 10 Pro in which I will use it as my Plex Server. I did have some SQL issues on the server 2008 at work but that was an SQL database issue, not Windows. The narrative that Windows is bad is just not true. it's ok not to like it though, that's a personal choice. Windows runs my business and for the last 5 years, it has performed splendidly without issue. I do dual boot and VM various Linux distros and have a fondness of Linux. I am currently messing with Parrot, Ubuntu, Kali, Mint. I have even toyed with running a Linux server at work but "some" (not all)in the Linux community have turned me off to it. Let me now brag about my new computer: šŸ™‚ CARE1: Cooler Master Mastergel Maker CPU-Thermal Compound Optimized for Thermal Dissipation [+10] CAS: Syber XL Series E-ATX Full-Tower Gaming Case w/ USB 3.0, 7 Color RGB & Full Side Tempered Window Panel [+18] CPU: IntelĀ® Coreā„¢ Processor i9-7960X Sixteen-Core 2.80GHz 22MB Intel Smart Cache LGA2066 (Quad Channels) [+426] CS_FAN: Default case fans FAN: DEEPCOOL CAPTAIN 240EX 240mm Radiator CPU Liquid Cooler w/ Copper Cold Plate [+30] (2 x Standard 120MM Fans) HDD: 500GB SAMSUNG 970 EVO PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD - Seq R/W: Up to 3400/2300 MB/s, Rnd R/W up to 370/450k (Single Drive) HDD2: 2TB (2TBx1) SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 64MB Cache 7200RPM HDD (Single Drive) IUSB: Built-in USB 3.1 Ports MEMORY: 32GB (8GBx4) DDR4/3000MHz Quad Channel Memory (ADATA XPG Z1) MOTHERBOARD: GIGABYTE X299 DESIGNARE EX ATX w/ RGB, 802.11ac, Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1, 5 PCIe x16, 8 SATA3, 3 M.2 SATA/PCIe [Intel Optane Ready] [+299] NETWORK: Onboard Gigabit LAN Network OS: Windows 10 Pro (64-bit Edition) [+31] POWERSUPPLY: 1,000 Watts - Standard 80 Plus Gold Power Supply [+16] SERVICE: 3 Years FREE Service Plan (INCLUDES LABOR AND LIFETIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT) SOUND: ASUS STRIX SOAR 7.1 PCIe Gaming Sound Card [+118] VIDEO: ASUS Turbo GeForceĀ® GTX 1080 Gaming 8GB GDDR5X (Pascal)[VR Ready] [+10] (Single Card)
  10. My boss got one yesterday. If you get scam e-mails: Forward them to me@rescam.org It will then go to an AI bot that will communicate with the scammer realistically and waste his/her time in hopes of sparing a real person. https://www.rescam.org/ Awww, it's offline for a while. but you can still send them for analysis. I loved the idea of wasting a scammers time.
  11. xrobwx1971

    Farewell, Bubba

    Yep, I just lost mine and I know how you feel. She was 17 years old. My thoughts are with you for your loss.
  12. xrobwx1971

    Problem after updating to Windows 1803

    Yep, I've had systems take 20 minutes and I've had them take 8 hours. I've had some with the black screen issue and a reboot fixed it. I've had some I had to download the vid driver from the manufacturer to fix also sound driversfrom the manufacturer. <---all these mentioned was the 1803 update.
  13. xrobwx1971

    Sad, sad news - our JRAM passed away - RIP

    I'm not going to pretend I knew him but I can see he will leave a large hole in this community and that he will be missed deeply. Rest easy now Mr. Ramsay.
  14. xrobwx1971

    Problem with internet speed on one computer.

    What created it I have no clue. I got the speed bump from 105 to 150 on a Wednesday, Wednesday eve and Thursday I was seeing 174 pings of 7-12 with various speedtests. Friday I was getting 34 pings of 51. Unlikely on the virus but not impossible, I run a tight ship. I did not install anything nor did I change any settings until after the issue appeared. I got the info for the fix from various places. One was a Google search "internet slow one one computer only" led me here http://www.edugeek.net/
  15. xrobwx1971

    Problem with internet speed on one computer.

    First I want to thank you guys for the help. I figured it out and would like to share in case anyone else runs into the same issue. I am now getting 178/30ish internet speeds on the computer in question. What I found out from various sources on the web: It had something to do with a couple of services. #1. SstpSvc - Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service - Provides support for the Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) to connect to remote computers using VPN. If this service is disabled, users will not be able to use SSTP to access remote servers. #2. RasMan - Remote Access Connection Manager - Manages dial-up and virtual private network (VPN) connections from this computer to the Internet or other remote networks. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start. I had to stop and disable both these services from services.msc to fix the issue with my internet speeds. Problem I ran into, I could not get the Rasman to stop as it was in a perpetual "stopping service" mode. even after a reboot it was still in the "stopping" mode. I searched and searched and found this: I ran this: Get-WmiObject win32_service | Sort-Object State | select name, startmode, state in an elevated (Admin) Powershell to view my services and their current mode. Then I ran this: Invoke-command -scriptblock {start-process -FilePath $env:windir\System32\taskkill.exe -Wait -ArgumentList "/PID $((Get-WmiObject -Class win32_process -Property name,commandline,processid | Where-Object {$_.commandline -eq 'C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs'}).processid) /F"} in an elevated (Admin) Powershell and it "unlocked" the service and I was able to stop both. Rebooted, tested my internet speed and eureka, it was fixed! Hope this helps someone in the future. I've had this present state for about 3 days now with no adverse issues noticeable.
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