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  1. woodworker

    Happy Birthday Broni

    Sorry I am a little late.Wishing you well in your new age and retirement. Kenneth
  2. woodworker

    Farewell, Amy M.

    So sorry Fran. We're thinking of you and family.
  3. Kinda. Switch back and forth between ball game. Seems rather ridiculous to have that many people with such a short time to answer questions. Seems to me a question like how are you going to save the world would require more than 3 minutes to answer. So I had to answer y/n. See I have learned from the debates I don't want to get tied down to any certain answer without having some wiggle room.
  4. Friendly, I am sure you have tried these sites, but just in case:
  5. woodworker

    End of life

    "...The interest has been plummeting for some time..." while this is obvious, this really makes me sad. Thanks for everything Broni and admins.
  6. woodworker


    Go Fran.
  7. No, too many public displays to waste time and money on.
  8. woodworker

    June Desktops

  9. woodworker

    DVD not working

    Hi John. This is very basic but has worked for me a number of times. Shut everything down for a few minutes and restart. Kenneth
  10. woodworker

    FIREFOX update

    When I started FF this morning it updated, but still not to this latest ver. I had to go to the website and download and manually install. Article did say you might could get the update faster by going to the website.
  11. woodworker

    FIREFOX update

    Critical flaw found in Firefox. Update now to 67.0.4
  12. woodworker

    Broken Club

    Very nice indeed. Thanks,
  13. woodworker

    Bye bye bluebirds

    baby bluebirds flew away yesterday. Left with empty nest again.
  14. woodworker

    Need free U Tube downloader

    BC, is this the one you were thinking about? https://www.youtubebyclick.com
  15. woodworker

    cook books

    I have seen a ceiling "painted" with pinto beans from a stove top pressure cooker.
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