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  1. woodworker

    C Cleaner settings

  2. woodworker

    UTube Downloader

    BC, this was recommended to me. I have not used it, but it looks good. I just have not gotten around to it. If you try let me know what you think. WW https://www.youtubebyclick.com
  3. woodworker

    It just happened! - being first time grandpa :)

    congrats, Broni. May not see you as much anymore as you will have to spend time with that boy.
  4. My understanding is it will be expensive to make them. The special plastic and printers are not just something you run in WalMart and get. Cheaper just to go out on Sat. night and buy a real gun off the street. But, I am still against making them legal.
  5. Fran, I will be there with you. 3 messages this week regarding the four charges against me. Think all mine were NY. Can't quite make out who it is since the start of the message is static and can't make it out. Coincidence?? I think not. Also if they don't get me first the "cops" are one the way to get me for my IRS problems. He really feels sorry for me but nothing he can do until I clear this up. He is praying for me that I do so at once before the cops get here. That was from Flordia. Did not know IRS had an office there. So, see you in NY, if the cops don't get me.
  6. woodworker

    Windows 10 Clipboard

    https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-other_settings/how-do-i-access-clipboard-in-windows-10/1b174fff-4500-4373-9ae8-0c126d8ceb33 WW, see this article. Also says you can get at MS store.
  7. woodworker

    Farewell, Nanuq

    I'm sorry Fran. I know that is tough. She was a pretty girl. ww
  8. woodworker

    Problem after updating to Windows 1803

    My advice is keep waiting. I finally just left mine for awhile and it finally downloaded everything. I would say give it at least a few hours.
  9. woodworker

    chatbox smilies

  10. woodworker

    chatbox smilies

    Thx, A. Actually I use Chrome Desert so it is not a big deal with me.
  11. woodworker

    chatbox smilies

    Was there any resolution to this problem? I still can't get chatbox in ie 11. Also can't use modern light theme in 11. everything seems to work fine in Chrome. edit.actually modern light does the same in Chrome.
  12. woodworker

    chatbox smilies

    🤑😃🎩 I like them. hope they work in chatbox
  13. woodworker

    metric and us

    Broni, that is the best reasoning I have heard about why metric. Unfortunately, I still can't get it in my head at my age.
  14. woodworker

    Friends Laptop Freezing

    BC be sure and check on whether or not Malwarebytes is installed. That sounds a lot like the problems I was having. It was caused by a bad update and I had to uninstall and then put the program back on. Worth looking at. (I don't even know if Malwarebytes runs on XP)