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  1. Lewis

    Comcast just upped my speed :)

    Yes that's what I have read Broni. And Club they e-mailed me that last time and told me just how many days that I would be suspended, and man did they keep their word. They cut me off for 5 days. And when the day that they told me it would be back on, it was on. They kept asking me to reply to each warning so they would know that I got it, but I wouldn't I was a Kickass and h33t torrent junkie and I couldn't stop. LOL Now it's rutracker.org, they have to be one of the biggest on the planet, you just have to use a translation converter.
  2. Lewis

    Comcast just upped my speed :)

    Those speeds is dial up. Verizon FIOS is great, but if you torrent, Verizon will send you a e-mail warning you, and if you do it again, they will warn you again. And if you do it again they will suspend your internet for a week. How do I know they did it to me about 3 years ago.
  3. Lewis

    Comcast just upped my speed :)

    That is what I am paying for all 3
  4. Lewis

    Comcast just upped my speed :)

    As long as you are satisfied with your speed. I get way more than the advertised 150 mbps, mine is always at 182 download, I love it for torrenting.
  5. Lewis

    Comcast just upped my speed :)

    I have the Comcast Blast internet package from Comcast, they have one package even faster. Blast is like the middle I think.
  6. Lewis

    Comcast just upped my speed :)

    Mine is 186 download and 12.6 upload. Comcast Xfinity
  7. We tried a new battery tech that can fully charge your phone in 5 minutes https://www.yahoo.com/tech/tried-battery-tech-fully-charge-120933191.html
  8. Lewis

    A Dinosaur

    thanks Roky, after you get the bottom off it is straight forward the DC board is easy to remove and the wire is easy to remove. I have not fixed a laptop in 2 years non Apple laptops that is. But the principle is the same once you get past the shell. I have never had to get a shop to repair any of my computers, I do it myself and I repair friends computers too. This will be my first Apple product though. And I have some pill boxes already, so I am good to go.
  9. Lewis

    A Dinosaur

    I have taken many computers apart over the years and repaired but never a Apple as you can see here it is not to bad. Apple iBook G4 laptop disassembly
  10. Lewis

    A Dinosaur

    You still using it ?
  11. Lewis

    A Dinosaur

    I was given a Apple iBook G4 but the male power adapter plug is broke off in the female receiving DC adapter hole in the laptop. So I will send for one on ebay and install it. I also obtained a 3 year old Sony Vaio and I like it. Now back to the G 64 I just want it to work I will use it every now and then. It is one of the heaviest laptops ever, the thing is built like a tank. But the G 64 still can handle a lot of today's stuff.
  12. That is nice 5.1 screen is still to small for me but that is nice
  13. Lewis

    I Pad

    Well you certainly have a right to feel the way you feel Fran everyone has a right to a opinion. And I have a right to feel the way I do. It is kind of like some people won't torrent and some will.