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Found 1 result

  1. I have arrived here because a very good friend (I hope) suggested I join. She used to be my go to person for all related (XP) computer questions. I wanted to hang onto my Windows XP system until the Windows 10 came out but out but the sheer frustration trying to overcome the so many problems I have dealing with XP system I've capitulated and have decided to move all folders and files to a Vista system. The Vista system is new, never used, was given to me last year when my friend passed on. I've started to move all "My Documents" to a back up hard drive when I came to three Retrospect folders. I tried to Google Retrospect but can find relativly little or nothng about them. Here are the three folders and their sizes: Folder 1: Retrospect Catalog 170 MB Folder 2: Retrospect D Drive 711 MB Folder 3: Retrospect Backup 33.6 GB My backup hard drive is a WD USB with 110 GB used space and 122 GB free space. While the numbers add up that I should have room for these three folders, a pop up says there is not enough room to move them. What do they do, why I should keep them and/or should I delete them?. I'm trying to weed out the junk but I'm at a loss on what to do with these folders. A question perhaps I should have ask first, I'm I going about this the right way to move folders and files? Is there perhaps a better way to accomplish this same task? My computer experience is limited in both skill and knowledge due to my physical (brain) storage capacity. The older I get, the better my forgetter gets. If possiable please keep it simple. Thank you for your help, sorry for the long post. Hope I got this right Dock