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Windows Repair

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Download Windows Repair (All in One) from this site

Install the program then run it.

NOTE 1. In Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 right click on the program, click "Run As Administrator".
NOTE 2. Disable your antivirus program before running Windows Repair.

Go to Step 3 and click on Check button next to 1. See If Check Disk Is Needed.
If the tool that the Check Disk is needed click on Do It button next to 2. Check Disk.
In that case make sure you restart computer.


Once the above is done go to Step 4 and allow it to run System File Check by clicking on Do It button:


Go to Step 5 and under "System Restore" click on Create button:


Go to Repairs tab and click Open Repairs button.


In next window....
Leave all checkmarks as they're.
Click on Start Repairs button.


Post Windows Repair log which is located in the following folder:
64-bit systems - C:\Program Files (x86)\Tweaking.com\Windows Repair (All in One)\Logs
32-bit systems - C:\Program Files\Tweaking.com\Windows Repair (All in One)\Logs

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