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The Best Of Linux Software

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The Best Of Linux Software

  On this page, you will find the best 100 Linux applications for all your needs. We’ve taken the effort to categorize the apps and picked only those we believe to be the best ones and which will most likely be useful to you.                

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           By Category:                                                                                                            Anti-virus                                                            Firewall                                                            File Recovery                                                      Backup Apps                                                                Maintenance                                                 Browsers                                                          Email Clients                                                          Communication                                                 Photos/Images                                                     Audio Tools                                                                Video Tools                                                             Files/Drives                                                                                                            Documents                                                            Productivity                                                            Desktop                                                            Archive Managers                                                                                                            CD/DVD Tools                                                            Downloads                                                            Games                                                            Others                                                                                                            Editors                                                            Distributions                                                                                    


                                        avast.png                            avast!

                A Linux offering of the popular Avast antivirus scanner.                

Download                                        clamantivirus.png                            Clam AntiVirus

                The original open source virus scanner.                

Download                                        AVG.png                            AVG

                A version of AVG’s Virus Scanner for Linux.                

Download                                                        kaspersky.png                            Kaspersky

                Kaspersky antivirus software for Linux workstations.                

Download                                        bitdefender.png                            BitDefender

                Powerful virus protection with a free license for personal use.                



                                        gufw.png                            GUFW

                A graphical interface for the UFW firewall.                

Download                                        shorewall.png                            Shorewall

                An app to make managing iptables easier.                

Download                                        firestarter.png                            Firestarter

                A good quality firewall with graphical interface.                



                                        mondorescue.png                            Mondo Rescue

                A capable disk recovery toolkit.                

Download                                        testdisk.png                            TestDisk

                A utility to recover lost partitions.                

Download                                        safecopy.png                            safecopy

                A utility that extracts data from damaged areas and replaces dd.                

Download                                                        photorec.png                            PhotoRec

                A video, document, and archive recovery utility.                

Download                                        ddrescue.png                            ddrescue

                A simple data recovery utility.                



                                        crashplan.png                            CrashPlan

                An excellent, sophisticated backup program.                

Download                                        backuppc.png                            BackupPC

                An open source backup system with web interface.                

Download                                        dejadup.png                            Deja Dup

                An extremely simple but effective backup program.                

Download                                                        luckybackup.png                            LuckyBackup

                A simple backup program for quick and easy protection.                



                                        ubuntutweak.png                            Ubuntu-Tweak

                A great control panel to manage many features in Ubuntu.                

Download                                        gnomesystemmonitor.png                            System Monitor

                A simple and interesting way to view systems stats.                



                                        chrome.png                            Google Chrome/Chromium

                A great browser from Google based on open source projects.                

Download                                        Firefox-logo.png                            Firefox

                The world’s most popular open source web browser.                

Download                                        midori.png                            Midori

                A lightweight webkit browser.                

Download                                                        opera.png                            Opera

                The “fastest and most advanced” browser available today.                

Download                                        epiphany.png                            Epiphany

                A simple web browser that is commonly shipped with GNOME.                

Download                                        konqueror.png                            Konquerer

                The default web browser of the KDE desktop environment.                



                                        thunderbird.png                            Thunderbird

                Most popular cross-platform open source email client.                

Download                                        clawsmail.png                            Claws Mail

                A user-friendly, lightweight, and fast email client.                

Download                                        evolution.png                            Evolution

                A great email and calendar program for GNOME.                

Download                                                        kmail.png                            KMail

                A full-featured email client specifically for KDE.                



                                        kopete.png                            Kopete

                A great IM program for KDE.                

Download                                        pidgin.png                            Pidgin

                the most popular open source cross-platform IM program.                

Download                                        xchat.png                            XChat

                An easy to use IRC client.                

Download                                                        empathy.png                            Empathy

                An IM client similar to Pidgin, for shipping with GNOME.                

Download                                        teamspeak.png                            TeamSpeak 3

                Great multi-platform voice chat program.                

Download                                        gwibber.png                            Gwibber

                A straight-forward social messaging app.                

Download                                                        liferea.png                            Liferea

                An easy-to-use and effective RSS feed reader.                



                                        inkscape.png                            Inkscape

                A great editor for SVG files.                

Download                                        shotwell.png                            Shotwell

                A simple photo manager for GNOME.                

Download                                        fspot.png                            F-Spot

                A photo manager like Shotwell but with more features.                

Download                                                        cheese.png                            Cheese Photo Booth

                Take pictures with many funky effects.                

Download                                        GIMP.png                            GIMP

                The most popular open source image editor.                

Download                                        scribus.png                            Scribus

                A great desktop publishing program with many features.                

Download                                                        picasa.png                            Picasa

                Manage and edit your photos with a Google twist.                



                                        banshee.png                            Banshee

                A great iTunes-like music manager.                

Download                                        rhythmbox.png                            Rhythmbox

                Similar to iTunes and doesn’t depend on Mono.                

Download                                        mplayer.png                            MPlayer

                A very capable media player.                

Download                                                        oggconvert.png                            OggConvert

                Able to convert most media types into the open source OGG format.                

Download                                        soundjuicer.png                            Sound Juicer

                Rips music off of your CDs into MP3s.                

Download                                        amarok.png                            Amarok

                A great music manager for the KDE desktop environment.                



                                        vlc.png                            VLC Media Player

                A media player that can handle virtually everything.                

Download                                        kdenlive.png                            Kdenlive

                An elaborate non-linear video editor for KDE.                

Download                                        openshot.png                            Openshot

                An innovative video editor with 3D effects.                

Download                                                        pitivi.png                            Pitivi

                A simple and easy-to-use video editor for GNOME.                

Download                                        toten.png                            Totem

                A simple media player for common formats.                

Download                                        huludesktop.png                            Hulu Desktop

                A good desktop counterpart for Hulu videos.                



                                        gparted.png                            GParted

                The most popular partition editor for Linux.                

Download                                        nautilus-1.png                            Nautilus

                Default file navigator for GNOME.                

Download                                        dolphin.png                            Dolphin

                Default file navigator for KDE with social media features.                

Download                                                        thunar.png                            Thunar

                A lightweight file navigator for XFCE.                

Download                                        krusader.png                            Krusader

                An advanced two-pane file navigator commonly used with KDE.                



                                        libreoffice.png                            LibreOffice

                An enhanced office suite based off of OpenOffice.                

Download                                        openoffice.png                            OpenOffice

                The original open source office suite.                

Download                                        abiword.png                            Abiword

                A lightweight word processor, usually replaces full office suites.                

Download                                                        gnumeric.png                            Gnumeric

                A great lightweight replacement for spreadsheet programs.                

Download                                        xournal.png                            Xournal

                Take notes or annotate with high detail.                

Download                                        koffice.png                            KOffice

                The default office suite for the KDE desktop environment.                

Download                                                        pyroom.png                            PyRoom

                Write anything without any distractions.                



                                        tomboy.png                            Tomboy

                A great note-taking application.                

Download                                        gnote.png                            Gnote

                Gnote is a port of Tomboy to C++.                

Download                                        hamster.png                            Hamster Time Tracker

                Tracks the time you spend on projects.                

Download                                                        gnomedo.png                            Gnome-Do

                A quick way to launching your applications.                

Download                                        docky.png                            Docky

                One of the best docks around.                

Download                                        avant.png                            Avant Window Navigator

                A good dock alternative to Docky.                

Download                                                        cairo.png                            Cairo

                Another dock alternative to Docky and AWN.                

Download                                        shutter.png                            Shutter

                An amazingly advanced screenshot tool.                

Download                                        dropbox.png                            Dropbox

                The top file synchronization tool, for Linux.                



                                        gnome.png                            GNOME

                The most widely used GTK desktop environment.                

Download                                        kde.png                            KDE

                A beautifully flashy desktop environment based on Qt.                

Download                                        lxde.png                            LXDE

                An extremely lightweight desktop environment to maximize performance.                

Download                                                        enlightment.png                            Enlightenment

                A desktop environment that is lightweight yet aesthetically good-looking.                

Download                                        xmonad.png                            Xmonad

                A simple tiling window manager that allows great customization.                

Download                                        openbox.png                            Openbox

                A very bare-bone desktop environment that uses almost no resources on its own.                



                                        fileroller.png                            File Roller

                The default archive manager in GNOME.                

Download                                        ark.png                            Ark

                A feature-rich archive manager for KDE.                



                                        brasero.png                            Brasero

                A utility to burn CDs.                

Download                                        gnomeisomounter.png                            Gmount ISO

                A simple program to mount ISO files to folders.                



                                        transmission.png                            Transmission

                A program for downloading torrents.                

Download                                        Deluge.png                            Deluge

                An awesome but unappreciated cross-platform BitTorrent client.                

Download                                        miro.png                            Miro

                Download torrents and online videos.                



                                        urbanterror.png                            Urban Terror

                A popular first person shooter with good performance.                

Download                                        alienarena.png                            Alien Arena

                High detail first person shooter with sci-fi attitude.                

Download                                        warzone.png                            Warzone 2100

                Futuristic real time strategy game for survival.                

Download                                                        flightgear.png                            FlightGear

                The best open source cross-platform flight simulator.                

Download                                        extremetuxracer.png                            Extreme Tux Racer

                A fun game to slide Tux down hills and collect fish.                

Download                                        nexuiz-1.png                            Nexuiz

                Another high detail, futuristic first person shooter.                

Download                                                        supertuxkart.png                            Supertuxkart

                A racing game similar to Mario Kart.                

Download                                        themanaworld.png                            The Mana World

                A fictional open source MMORPG.                

Download                                        openbve.png                            openBVE

                A fantastic open source train simulator.                

Download                                                        pingus.png                            Pingus

                A lemmings-like game with a good number of levels.                



                                        lastpass.jpg                            LastPass

                Cross-browser and cross-OS online password manager.                

Download                                        keepass.png                            KeePassX

                Open source password manager to stores passwords locally and encrypted.                

Download                                        www.truecrypt.png                            TrueCrypt

                An open source solution to great file encryption.                

Download                                                        gnucash.png                            GnuCash

                Manages your money in multiple accounts and currencies.                

Download                                        redshift.png                            Redshift

                Changes the color temperature of your screen to prevent tired eyes.                

Download                                        wine.png                            WINE

                A compatibility layer for some Windows programs.                

Download                                                        compiz.png                            Compiz

                The best desktop effects on Linux.                

Download                                        eclipse.png                            Eclipse

                A full featured programming IDE.                

Download                                        geany.png                            Geany

                A lightweight programming code editor.                

Download                                                        kmymoney.png                            KMyMoney

                Another money management program with KDE integration.                

Download                                        kwin.png                            Kwin

                Great-looking desktop effects, commonly used on KDE desktops.                

Download                                        draftsight.png                            DraftSight

                A 2D CAD editor, one of the few for Linux.                



                                        emacs.png                            Emacs

                An extremely customizable editor that does more than just plain text.                

Download                                        vim.png                            Vim

                A more complex editor for the terminal with plenty of features.                

Download                                        nano.png                            Nano

                A simple, uncomplicated editor for the terminal.                

Download                                                        gedit.png                            Gedit

                A powerful editor out-of-the-box, and a favorite among many GNOME users.                

Download                                        bluefish.png                            Bluefish

                Editor for programmers with focus on dynamic and interactive websites.                



                                        ubuntu.png                            Ubuntu 11.04

                GNOME with Unity Shell. Best for beginners.                

Download                                        fedora.png                            Fedora 15

                GNOME 3 with Gnome Shell. Extremely customizable, usable but more for Linux enthusiasts.                

Download                                        opensuse.png                            openSUSE 11.4

                KDE 4.6. A sturdy distro with some more proprietary compatibility.                

Download                                                        arch.png                            Arch Linux

                Any desktop environment. Lets you completely build up your own distro from the start.                

Download                                        mint.png                            Linux Mint 11

                Gnome 2. Also great for beginners; Ubuntu with some usability and aesthetics fixes.                




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Very nicely done MIB. :1952:

This gives Windows And Mac users a little idea on what one uses in Linux for applications.

It Would be nice also to populate this thread with How Tos for things like Gimp, FSpot, Cheese, Gedit,Wine, Ndiswrapper, Miro, DropBox, Gparted, Clonezilla, File Roller, Claws and Thunderbird (I use SeaMonkey/Iceape as Email and Chatzilla client), Open Office and LibreOfiice, VLC , and Transmission.

There are lot's of good links on how to interface and use these applications on the net. I will try and contribute to this thread as time goes by. Again, Nice work.

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Thanks Rocky

I used to use drop box to post here but it no longer works here{ I did not know it was linux}.

I have tried for years to master gimp, to no avail {not smart enough}, inkscape I have started to use alot because I finally figured out the layering.

I like the idea of tutorials, GIMP needs it! GIMP for dummies... {you would not know by chance how to make gimp conform to the installed theme? I hate dumbing down my themes so I can see gimp}.

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No. I would not know how themes in Windows would interact with a Linux application like Gimp. I run Linux themes. The way our computer operating systems work are totally different. You use .dll. I use text file. You use .exe. I use .tar.

Edit: Maybe the Gimp Manual will help in case you did not know of it.

Anyways. Thought this would fit here also.


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