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I2P - Anonymity for the Masses

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I am posting this mainly for Ubuntu and Debian users. Though Mac and Windows and BSD users can use I2P protocol also if they search for it. Thanks to lugoteehalt and craigevil from linux questions for making me aware of this.


For many years people have wanted to protect their right to privacy. As technology changes, it seems that privacy evolves away more and more. I2P is a protocol used for an encrypted multi-proxy on the Internet. While, this sounds simple, there is actually a lot of work going on with I2P to achieve this. Unlike some multi-proxies, I2P will allow you to tunnel many more applications through it than just web browsing, making it a very robust protocol.

I2P is available for all platforms, not just Linux. For this example I have used Debian Sid to perform the installation. With the exception of 'apt-get', these instructions should work fine with any Linux distribution. But if you experience problems, please seek documentation for your distro or visit our new Linux Forum.


some more links and info on this subject

Also see Debian/Ubuntu - I2P : http://www.i2p2.de/debian#debian

The Invisible Internet Project

I2P is an anonymous network, exposing a simple layer that applications can use to anonymously and securely send messages to each other. The network itself is strictly message based (a la IP), but there is a library available to allow reliable streaming communication on top of it (a la TCP). All communication is end to end encrypted (in total there are four layers of encryption used when sending a message), and even the end points ("destinations") are cryptographic identifiers (essentially a pair of public keys).

A Gentle Introduction - I2P - http://www.i2p2.de/how_intro.html

For more ideas on the subject take a look at:

Security and Privacy on the Internet -


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