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How to create Vista Recovery Disc

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Step 1. Download a pre-final release of recdisc.exe (x86 version) or (x64 version).
Step 2. Open your system32 directory. Start menu, type “%systemroot%\system32″ and click Enter.
Step 3. Find recdisc.exe, right click on it and click “Properties”.


Step 4. Select the “Security” tab and click “Advanced”.
Step 5. Select the “Owner” tab and click “Edit…”.


Step 6. Select “Administrators” to change the owner to, click “OK”. Click “OK” again on the dialog.
Step 7. You should be back at the file security settings dialog. Click “Edit..”.


Step 8. Select “Administrators” and then tick the checkbox under the “Allow” column and “Full control” row. Then click “OK”. Click “OK” again to finish.
Step 9. Rename this file (press F2) to something like “recdisc.old” to keep a backup of the original file in case you need to restore it in the future.


Step 10. Copy the “recdisc.exe” file you downloaded earlier to c:\windows\system32 folder. Double click on it to run. Follow the prompts. It will ask you to insert a blank CD.

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Broni, will this work on any computer? I thought most computer makers had their own versions of a operation system, like Vista?

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Broni , about time there is an easier way , i remember trying to follow a lot of instructions and it not working and it is hard to find someone with a real copy of vista , when you need one , vista reminds me of me

Have you done this and booted to see ?? If you haven't , i will and post back , but when i don't know , Now days i get on the internet i'm off in a tangent .

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This is not restoration disk but recovery disk. Needed if your Vista computer become unbootable and you need to boot from an external source.


It works.

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