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Home Made Case Filters

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BDK's post of Jan 27, 2013 "How to get your PC's fans running cooler " , got me thinking.

In his link they mention Silver Stone magnetic case filters, and Star Tech case filters.

I went to both of their sites, but found that there were no sizes to fit my HP m9340f tower, it has three intake openings.

Not only that, the filters they had were quite expensive, especially when I considered I needed three.

So I decided to try to make my own.

The materials I used were One eight foot strip of Marlite edge molding from my local home store.

One sheet of window A/C filter, about one eighth of an inch thick, it fits into the edge molding groove perfectly.

One roll of Scotch half inch wide double sided tape to hold the strips to the case.

The Marlite molding was white so I spray painted it black to match my case.

I used a small miter box to cut the strips, but you can do almost as good with heavy scissors.

Then I touched up the cut ends with a black magic marker.

I temporarily taped the strips in position on the case with plain Scotch tape to locate them, then I removed one at a time, put on the double sided tape and permanently secured them.

Here is a photo of the strips, ready to mount, one has the double sided tape on it.


This is a photo of the strips mounted to the case, there is one more intake on the other side done the same way.


I made three cardboard templates so that I could easily cut the filter material to the exact size I needed.

Then I used a thin piece of cardboard to tuck the filter material into place, it was quite easy to fit in, and stays in place nicely.

Here is a picture of one side finished.


Now all I have to do is remember to keep them clean!

Come to think of it I better mark the cleaning times down on the calendar!

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Really a great project you did there and well worth me stealing your idea for my computers.

(PS: Great easy to follow tutorial)

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The hardest part was mitering the corners and getting the strips positioned for fastening, you only get one chance with that double sided tape,it really sticks.

I was worried about restricting airflow, but that A/C filter material is not restrictive at all, plus the sheet is large enough that I'll have enough for many replacements.

Those templates really make cutting it a breeze, so I saved them.

I just pressed the template down hard and used a really sharp Stanley knife.

Let me know how yours turns out.

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Did that last week!

Edited by GB2064

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It was your post that gave me the idea!

It was way cheaper than those Star Tech and Silver Stone filters, and they had no sizes to match my vents.

It would be much easier to do when the case was empty and you could lay it down, mine was still hooked up to all the wiring.

Also another thing I did was to clean the molding strips with a quick wipe of brake cleaner and then I painted with "Fusion" plastic spray paint.

Many plastics have a mold release compound on them and must be cleaned so that paint will adhere well.

If you do try it please let me know how it turns out.

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GB you did a nice job on the project! I think it would be especially good for a computer in a wood shop, etc.

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Never thought of that.

It probably would help there, or anywhere it was dusty, but you would really have to remember to keep them clean.

That is my main concern now, because if they would get really dirty they could restrict air flow.

I marked it on my calendar along with the furnace and AC filters, every ninety days.

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It's been about six months since I posted this project, so I thought I would give an update.

The inside of the case remains quite clean, fans, heat sinks, etc.

So I dusted off the filters onto some black paper, (about 5'X6"), and the photo shows the dust and a few dog hairs that were trapped.

So far so good.


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GB, I can appreciate the preciseness of your filters, down to the black spray paint and touching up of the edges with black felt pen. Not only very functional, but visually pleasing as well.
Having a bit of German in me, I'm pretty much the same when it comes to workmanship.
A great job, and one that has now passed the test of time... for 6 months anyway. :-)

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