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Honor Roll of Contest Winners

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We have three competitions going on our board so we decided to honor winners of those contests by creating a new block in our sidebar - Honor Roll of Contest Winners.

You can see another copy at our portal page: http://www.smartestcomputing.us.com/index.php?app=uportal

Points will be distributed as follows:


Desktop of the Month winner - 4 points (since it's awarded only once a month)

Picture of the Week winner - 1 point

Caption Contest of the Week winner - 1 point


At the end of each calendar year we'll award points leader with some handsome reward.




1st place - $100 gift card

2nd place - $75 gift card

3rd place - $50 gift card


NOTE. Staff members play just for fun. They're listed in out Honor Roll of Contest Winners table, but any possible prize they'd be entitled to win will be forfeited to the very next non-Staff members.

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