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TURN OFF vs DISABLE search indexing - difference ?

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I have googled and found some decent pages with details on INDEXING.

Seems like both terminologies will prevent INDEXING.

TURN OFF seems like it is more short term.

DISABLE seems like it would be more permanent.

I have details on HOW to do both from my googling.

I am inclined to TURN OFF indexing.

If I turn it OFF, I assume I can turn it back ON if for any reason ( which I don't forsee ) I want to turn it back ON by reversing the steps.

I do NOT do a lot of file searching.

Any comments appreciated............thanks.

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Killed indexing and use Search Everything instead. Beats the silly, limited, windows stuff hands down.

Broni poited it out years ago.


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I've had mine both turned off and disabled for many years. The former, as you probably know from Google is to uncheck it under C: / Properties, and disabling it via services.msc. It's recommended for lower end machines, mine's pretty powerful, but have found it searches for files fine without the service. The main difference between the two is explained from a site:

"In Windows XP, it’s possible to turn off indexing of some or all hard disk drive (HDD) one by one or to disable indexing service altogether (which will turn off indexing on all drives). Searching is still possible after disabling of indexing, albeit more slowly."

Shay's (Broni's) suggestion sounds intriguing.

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Try it!

Bet you like it.

It will find files that you have to a " genius plus " to find with Windows search.


Edited by Shay

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Did a search for Train.jpg

Exported as a txt file. But the file is clickabot in Search Everywhere.

F:\GhostTowns\TERRI PICS\ghost towns\breeces1 train.jpg
F:\GhostTowns\TERRI PICS\Trains\goldfieldown2 train.jpg
F:\GhostTowns\TERRI PICS\Trains\gtr-4 train.jpg
F:\GhostTowns\TERRI PICS\ghost towns\HillCty2 train.jpg
F:\GhostTowns\TERRI PICS\ghost towns\HillCty3 train.jpg
F:\GhostTowns\TERRI PICS\ghost towns\HillCty4 train.jpg
F:\GhostTowns\TERRI PICS\Trains\polandtrain.jpg

Hope that helps out.

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Indexing is just one of the services I disable to save on system resources. There are quite a few services which can be safely killed, resulting in a leaner, faster system.

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DB, though this post is a bit old, I agree with you, and also advise that before trimming services.msc, to go to Action/Export (or choose from toolbar as shown in image 1) to have a list of the original default settings. Also to check for Dependencies on each before disabling with a right click/Properties (image2).



Years back, there were two excellent sites that provided knowledge about services in XP, Black Viper and Theeldergeek.

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