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Firefox 29.0

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The individual who installed my new Windows 7 yesterday installed Firefox version 29.0, the "Beta Update Channel". For my own information, is this a good idea? I'm wondering if I should uninstall it or just stick with it and see how it goes. Using it last evening and today, it seems okay.

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I'd be a bit upset if someone stuck me with a beta version of anything without my knowledge, it may be that they just did a quick Google search and hit/downloaded from the wrong page. For an overview of the beta 29:

If you want to be part of their troubleshooting team, you can always keep and test it, but if you'd rather join the majority users with something that's already been tested, check out the below links:

Back up your Profile (bookmarks, passwords and extensions) if needed:

Uninstall the beta:

Download the ready for prime time one:

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Thank you r.a.d. I am not having any issues at present so I think I'll just keep it installed for the time being, just to see how it performs. But you're links will be very helpful if, and when, I want to uninstall, etc. Thanks again for your time and information. It is very helpful.

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