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Go to the computers' manufactor's site , and if you need something specific, for your graphics or sound etc to make it better

after checking out to see if it would help your system ,and it does apply to your system, go to their site .

Otherwise stay with the manufactors and forget about the third partys' that claim to help get your latest drivers and

I even do not allow iwindows to do it without knowing what and the whys .

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When my Dell XT2 comes in from Ebay. The first check I will do is look at my bios version.

If there is a later version. Since it has a touch screen. I will upgrade the bios. Without using Windows.

Then slap a ssd in it and linux the crap out it.

One thing at a time though and no hurry or worries.

I agree about sticking with manufacter stuff usually. But sometimes I gots to go to


Because the hardware manufacturer and Windows/Apple folks are twats.

Just venting I guess. Was a HOT DAY TODAY.

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