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Forceful Intent: A Porter Novel (The Porter Series Book 1)Kindle Edition

by R.A. McGee  (Author)

To find a missing girl, he has no problem adding to his body count…

Porter makes a killing tracking down missing persons. The former federal agent has the bank statements and body count to prove it. But when a good friend asks him to take on a charity case gone cold, he reluctantly agrees. After all, no family should have to bury their little girl's empty coffin…

As he retraces the girl's last-known steps, Porter squares off against a disgruntled bus driver, Tampa gang leaders, and human traffickers who peddle their wares on the darkest corners of the web. Through dirty hands and bloody knuckles, Porter learns that the girl may still be alive. And he won't stop until he's given her captors exactly what they have coming…

Forceful Intent is the brutal first book in a series of suspenseful crime thrillers. If you like flawed heroes, pulse-pounding action, and the Jack Reacher series, then you'll love R.A. McGee's gritty tale.



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Phineas Troutt Series - Three Thriller Novels (Dead On My Feet #1, Dying Breath #2, Everybody Dies #3) Kindle Edition

by J.A. Konrath  (Author)
This is a specially priced box set of three novels in the Phineas Troutt thriller series (#1, #2, #3).


His name is Phineas Troutt. He's a problem solver.

If a woman is being stalked by her ex-husband, Phin can convince him to stop. If a union is being squeezed, Phin can squeeze the squeezer. He's not a mercenary. He's not a bodyguard. He's not a private eye. He's a guy who takes cash for solving problems with violence.

When a doctor at a suburban women's health clinic is being harassed, she hires Phin to make it stop. But the situation proves to be larger, and more dangerous, than even he can handle on his own. So he calls in some friends to help out; a P.I. named Harry McGlade and a female cop named Jack Daniels...

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Sei Thrillers (Books 1-3) Kindle Edition

by Ty Hutchinson  (Author)
Get the first three thrillers in the action-packed series.

They used her daughter as bait. They messed with the wrong mother.

Meet Sei. She abandoned her life as a deadly assassin to try to find peace—but when contacted by a source claiming to have information about the daughter she thought she’d lost, Sei finds herself taking on one last mission. Can she unravel the truth before time runs out?

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What I am currently reading , 

First book is 99¢.

This is a 4 book series. Could be stand alone but then you might get a tad lost even though the author true to explains who's who and what not. 

I got the first book "A Child is Torn" and I stayed up reading til the very end. Then went and rented the next book. The author keeps you guessing right up til the last minute .


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99¢ ( pre-order)

Do No Harm: Seventeen Medical Thrillers Kindle Edition

by Edwin Dasso  (Author), & 16 more

Do you crave reading books with nail-biting suspense, twisted plots and great characters who get caught up in whirlwinds of crime, deception and lies?

Do you love sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering who will survive…and who won’t?

From the mountains of West Virginia, to acute care hospitals, the battlefields of the Middle East and the hallowed halls of our educational system, join us for these incredible stories of healthcare gone wrong.

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