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Cloning to a new drive ??

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People are using Macrium Reflect Free Edition for CLONING the old HD to the new HD.
I don't want to turn this thread into a discussion of which software is best for cloning.

My question is about cloning Windows to a new HD >>>>

1) Does any version of Windows ( I'm still using XP - yeah, I know ) balk at finding new hardware ie the new HD and ask for any kind of "validation" ??

I thought HARDWARE CHANGES like a new ie bigger and faster HD could create problems when cloning.

2) If Macrium is chosen for the cloning, any caveats or things I should know from users since I have never done this before.

In a summary for Macrium, I see this >>> do I have to worry about these choices since I don't understand and would need to make an IMMEDIATE decision in cloning >>>  it says IF you click = from the sounds of it, I assume you don't have to do that in order to get a working cloned HD >>> from Macrium site >>>>

" If you click on the advanced button you will then have the option to set compression level, Intelligent sector copy (This uses the Windows VSS) or an exact copy (clone) and also split file size.
 Lastly there are check boxes to run the backup now and also create an XML file for scheduled or on-demand backups... On a 15GB partition with 8GB used for Windows 7 the backup process took 12mins to complete."

3) I know there are many programs out there to clone, but I assume Macrium is one of the easiest . 
Any other opinions once the above has answers.

Thanks in advance.


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The new hdd uses the same drivers as the old hdd. So, no problems  there.

If the new hdd is the same size or larger, there is no problem. If the new one is smaller, there is a huge problem and doing a clean install is the best bet.

Macrium works just fine.

I suggest waiting a couple weeks before formating the old drive or anythinh else for a couple weeks, a just in case procedure I have learned to use.

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