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My new Facebook creation

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I created this page jointly with my very lovely Polish lady friend :)

From introduction:


Enchanted world - is it really ??
Maybe it's just right next to you but..you did not notice ???
Magic, mystery, fantasy, magic, beauty ... we all love them regardless of age.
... and ... this mesmerizing SOMETHING .. (something for everyone), which allows us to briefly move into the world of love for beautiful things, sometimes incredible, enchanted ..... for which we yearn .... (we didn't even know about them) ... or ordinary, which because of the hectic pace of everyday life we do not notice.
We show here photographs that captivate us, we want to look at them, smile, dream, sometimes detach from problems ... so enjoy your time with us, be "on the good side of the force" and always keep your positive energy ....


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Great FB page Broni, you and your lady friend are remarkably good people.



A photo kinda in the same flavor of your page. Costa Rica, on Sept. 9, 2015, a lot of people saw (and photographed) an unusual example of cloud iridescence.





Edited by r.a.d.

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Though I don't use Facebook, your page looks very interesting.  Good luck with this project!

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Broni, I really wonder why you and your lovely lady friend do not enter our forum photo contests?  What better way to get your photos recognized??  LOL!

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