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Changing a motherboard + using an existing hard drive ??

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I am a fairly experienced newbie and am on a rather old computer with onboard video......machine does everything I want and quickly but the problem is accessing pages ie sales, real estate, some news, etc. with HEAVY GRAPHICS - takes a fairly long time to load..........this machine only has PCI slots and no other type of slots.


In the distant past, I took a HD out of one machine and put it into another machine and when booted up, I got dozens of questions about drivers I guess for the new motherboard that did not match the drivers on the HD taken from the other machine.


Is there a fairly simple way to remove a working HD and change out the mobo to one that is more modern and which allows a fairly modern video card........I do nothing powerful on my computer and am not a gamer....just want something FASTER that will access the sites I go to with heavy graphics.


Thanks for any help.

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As cheap as computers have been getting and for what you going to use it for.

You might be better off getting a complete unit.


I will bow out to others to respond to the particulars you mention in your thread. Because to make my legacy gear fly faster. I run Linux. But then. I know what I am doing when it comes to running Linux on old gear.

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Here is what a $30 computer I just bought looks like.


Click the What $30 gets above as that is the link.

All the refurbished come with Win 7 or 8.1 that I have seen

When you move a hdd to another motherboard, a repair install is required to get the HAL and drivers right.

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