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Can I delete these files

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My friend gave me an old Gateway Solo  laptop with Win XP Pro on it...........it desperately needs more RAM to make it in any way serviceable = but that is not the issue.


In using DISK CLEANUP, I found the following >>>>


MS Office Setup Files 289,034 KB

Setup Log Files 1,071 KB


Since I have NEVER seen any kind of computer with only a 10 GB HD, almost 7 GB of the HD is taken up with the OS and SP3 and MS Office.

I am only trying to clean this up for the grandkids to use and not for any serious personal use such as "crusing" the internet.


Thanks in advance.

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Which Solo model is it?  Most of them came with 32MB of ram.  Win 98/winMe  machines.

TFC by Oldtimer



Would be good for cleaning up the Temp files.



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This is an old Gateway Solo 1400.........it has 256 MB ram - two 128 MB sticks - which as far as I can tell from googling, that is the MAX that this machine can take - sad to say.......I have TWO 256 MB sticks from another machine - same PC133 ram.


The HD maker cannot even be identified and only has 10 GB MAX of which 7 GB is used by XP Pro + SP3 and a few apps.


I use SPECCY to determine what is in the computer details.


I got the machine down to startup in 1 1/2 minutes vs the previous 3 1/2 minutes and I consider this normal or certainly a vast improvement.


Thanks for the help.

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What I found

1024 MB maximum system memory


Might want to check the size of the hiberfil. Have found that were way over the normal size by GBs.


Another speed up is to set the page file to a minumum of 500 MB.


That way, windows  is not spending so much time bumping up and closing down the page file. A trick I used myself.

To adjust System Restore disk space usage in Windows XP



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